Easy Ways to transform Your Child's Bedroom

Easy Ways to transform Your Child's Bedroom

Is your child's room in need of a refreshing makeover? Transforming a room doesn't have to be a daunting task. With a few simple changes and the right furniture, you can create a space that is both functional and inspiring for your little one.

1. Consider Storage

Storage is a key and fundamental factor in any child’s room makeover. Clutter can quickly accumulate with toys, books, and art supplies, making it challenging to keep the space organised and inviting. Consider incorporating modular shelving into the room to maximise storage capacity and maintain a tidy environment.

Start by assessing the space and your child’s storage needs. Shelved offers the perfect, smart and customisable storage solution. With our online configurator, you can design a unit that fits the available space perfectly. Get your children involved in the building process by allowing them to choose shelves, cupboards, cubbies, and pinnable fabric panels to add a pop of colour and personal touch to their storage space.

Children's bedrooms are dynamic spaces that require adaptable storage solutions. As they grow, their storage needs change, and traditional fixed furniture may become limiting. Shelved's modular furniture offers the flexibility to adjust and reconfigure according to the evolving needs of children, ensuring long-lasting functionality.

2. Incorporate Play and Learning Areas

A child's bedroom should be a space for both play and learning. Designate specific areas for different activities to promote organisation and encourage your child to engage in various hobbies and interests.

Create a dedicated play corner with a soft rug and storage for toys. This space allows for imaginative play and keeps toys organised. For reading enthusiasts, set up a cosy reading nook with a comfortable chair and a bookshelf filled with their favourite stories. To support their academic endeavours, incorporate a study area with a desk and storage for supplies.

Shelved offers desk units that are both functional workspaces and excellent storage solutions. Choose a desk unit that suits your child's needs, whether it's for colouring pens and toys or school supplies and textbooks. Pair the desk with a comfortable chair that promotes good posture and supports long study sessions.

By incorporating play and learning areas using Shelved modular furniture, you create a well-rounded space that supports both your child's academic development and their imaginative play.

3. Create a Playful Display Wall

A child’s room should be a place of joy and creativity. A playful display wall can serve as a focal point and add an element of fun to the space. With Shelved feature shelving, you can create an interactive display wall that showcases your child's favourite toys, artwork, and treasured possessions.

Incorporate colourful bins, baskets, or display shelves to create an eye-catching arrangement. Arrange toys and collectibles in an organised manner, giving each item its designated place. By displaying items instead of keeping them hidden away, you encourage your child's imagination and allow them to take pride in their belongings.

Consider adding a pinboard to the display wall. This provides a space for your child to pin up artwork, photos, and other inspirational pieces. It's a great way to showcase their creativity and personalise their room.

With Shelved you can easily make over your child's room into a functional and inspiring space. From storage solutions to play and learning areas, and even a playful display wall, Shelved offers flexibility and customisation options to create a room that grows with your child's needs. Let your imagination soar and create a space where your child can thrive and express themselves.