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Design the perfect record storage unit for your home

You can customise the frame, panels, and even the pins to ensure that your vinyl storage cabinet fits your style.

If you want even more customisation for your vinyl storage, try out our unique 3D build tool. Use our Augmented Reality to see how the vinyl storage unit will look in your home. It can be tricky to find stylish records shelving units with enough space to hold your vinyl collection. With our custom modular vinyl record shelving, you can create the perfect storage solution.

We are committed to sustainably and reducing furniture waste. That’s why we create high-quality vinyl storage units that are manufactured in the UK and come with a 5-year guarantee.


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Choosing the right colours for you

Your décor is all about your tastes. Part of those tastes is finding the right colour scheme for your room and home. Shelved modular furniture is designed to provide a system that can be tailored to your specific tastes and needs, starting with the colours and finishes. The Shelved framework is available in Anthracite, White, or Clear Coat, whilst our panels perfectly complement the framework in Graphite, White, or Oak finishes. So whatever your décor tastes, the colour schemes of our modular furniture are made to fit.

Want to see and feel our materials up close? Order our
material sample swatches.

You can never have enough records, right?

Vinyl Storage

That's why we've created a range of modular vinyl storage units for audiophiles everywhere - a safe, stylish, and adaptable LP storage solutions to give your ever-growing vinyl collection the home it deserves.

Our vinyl storage systems don't just revolve around your records either. Our configurations allow you the space to setup and use your entire audio system in one perfectly-harmonised unit. Display your carefully curated collection with pride (and within easy reach) whilst purpose-built surfaces provide the ideal platform for turntables, speakers, preamps and more.

It's not just the intuitive functionality that make our vinyl storage units special. We know that everybody's ideal setup is different, and that's why we've worked hard to create a modular system that can be adapted to your exact needs. Need more space for your latest record purchases? You can add it at any time. Our vinyl storage solutions are built around a sleek framework with a compact footprint that grows and evolves with you and your audio endeavours -the perfect platform to expand your collection without sacrificing space.

Want to make your audio station entirely unique to you? Try our straightforward 3D product configurator to change our preset configurations to meet your exact needs. Or if you want to make your vinyl storage shelf truly your own, you can even build a system from scratch (no pun intended!). It's all down to you. The only limit is your imagination.