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Add the finishing touches to your custom shelving with our shelving accessories

These are also a great option if you want to adjust the look of your shelving unit after buying it, or even extend your shelving system. Your modular furniture will be able to grow and change to meet you needs.

We are committed to sustainably and reducing furniture waste. That’s why we create high-quality shelves that are manufactured in the UK and come with a 5-year guarantee.


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Cover KitCover Kit
Cover Kit
Sale price£4.05
Cupboard Shelf 400Cupboard Shelf 400
Cupboard Shelf 400
Sale price£15.45
Cupboard Shelf 800Cupboard Shelf 800
Cupboard Shelf 800
Sale price£25.00
Fabric Infill Panel 40x40cmFabric Infill Panel 40x40cm
Fabric Infill Panel 40x40cm
Sale price£53.70
Fabric Infill Panel 80x40cmFabric Infill Panel 80x40cm
Fabric Infill Panel 80x40cm
Sale price£74.30
Fabric Infill Panel 80x80cmFabric Infill Panel 80x80cm
Fabric Infill Panel 80x80cm
Sale price£120.55
Floor BracketFloor Bracket
Floor Bracket
Sale price£12.70
Glass Shelf Panel 400
Glass Shelf Panel 400
Sale price£45.55
Glass Shelf Panel 800
Glass Shelf Panel 800
Sale price£50.00
Ladder Plug Kit
Ladder Plug Kit
Sale price£2.80
Pinnable Fabric Infill Panel 40x40cmPinnable Fabric Infill Panel 40x40cm
Pinnable Fabric Infill Panel 80x40cmPinnable Fabric Infill Panel 80x40cm
Pinnable Fabric Infill Panel 80x80cmPinnable Fabric Infill Panel 80x80cm
Planter Box with Liner 40cmPlanter Box with Liner 40cm
Planter Box with Liner 40cm
Sale price£74.15
Planter Box with Liner 80cmPlanter Box with Liner 80cm
Planter Box with Liner 80cm
Sale price£96.15
Return Bracket (Pair)Return Bracket (Pair)
Return Bracket (Pair)
Sale price£8.40
Wall Bracket (Pair)Wall Bracket (Pair)
Wall Bracket (Pair)
Sale price£6.10