Our system has been designed to make assembly a simple and straight forward process. The framework is a tool-less assembly, thanks to our patent pending connection system and can be completed with only a thumb! We do provide wall fixings to secure all of our units and supply the neccesary screws and rawl plugs. You will need a drill and screwdriver to complete this element of the build, more details can be found in Video One below.

The panels of our system attach to the framework simply and easily, you will need a screwdriver for this part but it only requires a quick rotation to complete. More details can be found in Video Two below.

Details of the remaining build sequences can be found in our Assembly Videos and PDF Assembly Instructions which are listed below.

Video One


Video Two

Shelves and Divisions

Video Three


A useful video explaining how to adjust our hinges can be found HERE.

Video Four

Cubby Boxes

Video Five


Video Six

Fabric Panels and Planters

need a helping hand


If you are loooking for assistance in assembling your unit, please click below to go visit our installation page where you can find a list of our preferred install partners.