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Modern sideboards designed around your home

Explore our selection of modular bespoke sideboards that feature sleek contemporary designs, specifically crafted to maximise your storage space.

Choose from our assortment of modern, trendy sideboards available in various colours and materials, including wooden options, as well as both white and graphite grey designs, all of which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.


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Save £181.68
Farndale Modular Sideboard With 3 Double Cupboards And Shelves
Sale price£1,029.52 Regular price£1,211.20
Save £116.01
Oswaldkirk Modular Sideboard With 2 Cupboards
Sale price£657.39 Regular price£773.40
Save £215.99
Brandsdale Modular Sideboard With 3 Cupboards And Shelves
Sale price£1,223.96 Regular price£1,439.95
Save £195.67
Cropton Modular Sideboard With 3 Double Cupboards
Sale price£1,108.78 Regular price£1,304.45
Save £135.21
Howsham Modular Sideboard With 2 Double Cupboards
Sale price£766.19 Regular price£901.40
Save £225.36
Brandsdale with Glass ShelvesBrandsdale with Glass Shelves
Save £234.51
Fawdington Modular Sideboard With 2 Tall Cupboards And Shelves
Sale price£1,328.89 Regular price£1,563.40
Save £230.59
Helperby Modular Sideboard With 3 Tall Cupboards And Shelves
Sale price£1,306.66 Regular price£1,537.25
Save £215.99
Sinnington Modular Sideboard With 3 Low Cupboards And Shelves
Sale price£1,223.96 Regular price£1,439.95
Save £194.46
Wombleton Modular Sideboard With 1 Low And 2 Tall Cupboards
Sale price£1,101.94 Regular price£1,296.40
Save £168.56
Ellerburn Modular Sideboard With 3 Double Cupboards
Sale price£955.19 Regular price£1,123.75
Save £108.05
Yedingham Modular Sideboard With 1 Cupboard And 2 Shelves
Sale price£612.30 Regular price£720.35
Save £124.75
Dunsley Modular Sideboard With 2 Cupboards And Shelves
Sale price£706.95 Regular price£831.70

Find your finish

Nothing ties a room together quite like the perfect colour scheme. The Shelved modular furniture system lets you find the right colours and finishes for your space with ease. Want a dark anthracite sideboard? Maybe something with a crisp white finish? What about some industrial clear coat? Shelved lets you find the right match for your décor. Simply choose from our
Anthracite, White, or Clear Coat framework, and complement it with Graphite, White, or Oak finish panels. The choice is yours.

Want to see and feel our materials up close? Order our
material sample swatches.

Sleek. Stylish. Timeless.

Storage Sideboards

Sideboards are the ultimate storage solution for kitchens, dining rooms and hallways. And now with our modular sideboard systems, you can take advantage of dramatically improved versatility for any room in your house. Create a sleek kitchen or dining room sideboard to store and display your cutlery and dining ware, add a timeless storage solution with a hallway sideboard to keep keys and other items in easy reach, or build your own unique sideboard and low shelving for your living room or bedroom – the choice is yours.

The modular nature of our sideboards lets you take complete control of your home storage no matter what room you use it in - a stylish minimalistic framework plays host to a creative combination of cupboards and shelves to give you the perfect clutter-free storage space for your everyday needs. And if those needs change, so can your furniture. We've created systems that can adapt with both you and your home, making it easy to expand or adjust your storage demands whenever you need to. Change up the existing configuration or add more to it - it's entirely down to you.

Speaking of configurations, if you can't find one on our website that fits your exact requirements, we have the solution. Simply choose one of the pre-configured product options and customise it to your liking in our 3D product configurator or build an entirely bespoke sideboard from scratch. You can choose the size, the components, the finish and more, giving you the ability to design your very own made-to-measure piece for any room in your house (A 3D configurator for partners is currently unavailable!).