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Get the most out of your space with a modular shelving system

We are committed to sustainably, so our high-quality shelves are manufactured in the UK and come with a 5-year guarantee.

We want to ensure that you have the perfect shelving system to suit your needs. So whether you are looking for display shelving units, vinyl storage, TV storage units, you are sure to find something just right.

Customise frame, panel, and pin colours to ensure that your new modular shelving units integrate seamlessly with the rest of your décor. For further customisation, use our unique 3D build tool, or see how your modular shelving unit will look in your space with our Augmented Reality.


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Pick your Style

It’s more than just a look. Getting the right décor in your home gives you that indescribable feeling every time you look at it. That’s why we want to give you everything you need to get it just right. Our modular furniture is designed to be tailored to your exact needs and wants, and that all starts with finding the right colour palette. With Shelved, you can mix and match our different framework and panel colours to either match your existing décor, or to get going with an entirely new look in your home. Our framework is available in Anthracite, White, or Clear Coat, whilst our panels are available in Graphite, White, or Oak finishes.

Want to see and feel our materials up close? Order our
material sample swatches.

Your story was made to be heard.


Our modular shelving units give you the opportunity to tell it the way that it was always meant to be told.

Frame your most loved possessions with clean lines and unique aesthetics and transform any room in an instant without sacrificing space thanks to an unobtrusive compact footprint. And with near-endless customisability, you can build the functional storage you need but with the personal expression and identity you deserve...

Whether you're dividing a room, creating a freestanding bookshelf, or building the perfect place to display your pots and pans in style – our modular shelves come in a range of finishes spanning from raw and industrial to crisp and contemporary. This means that you can match or contrast your modular shelving system with your existing aesthetics and décor with ease.

The Shelved modular furniture system does so much more than the typical cubed modular furniture you might have come across in the past. We’ve designed a system that surpasses cubed shelving with better versatility, dramatically improved durability, more distinctive styling and aesthetics, and exceptional functionality. Shelved modular furniture is a system made for you and your needs, rather than being generic and “one size fits all”.

Looking for something that's entirely unique to you? Our handy 3D configurator is designed to make customising your modular shelving system simple and exciting. You can choose one of our existing modular shelving configurations and adapt it to your needs and desires, or even build your own exclusive configuration from the ground up. It's be spoke furniture design that puts you completely in control.