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Room divider shelves to transform your space

Transform your space with shelved room dividers for the ultimate statement piece. Our large shelving units boast compelling asymmetric openings, eye-catching height variations and attractive cubby boxes to hide clutter. A large shelving unit can also double as a room divider, helping you create zones in a larger room to maximise your floor space.

Frame your favourite possessions with contemporary feature shelving. A large shelving unit in the right space can give you more room to work with – perfect for those spontaneous sleepovers, working zones, or to create dining room space.


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Menethorpe with Glass ShelvesMenethorpe with Glass Shelves
Sproxton with Glass ShelvesSproxton with Glass Shelves

Accessories to bring your unit to life

Meet the Modules

Planter Boxes

There’s nothing quite like a little added touch of nature.
Our planter box modules are purpose built to fit directly into the Shelved framework and come complete with liners, letting you add and maintain a diverse variety of plants within your Shelved modular furniture.

Your Style, your way

When it comes to making your home your own, the design and aesthetics of your furniture plays a huge role. That’s why we give you the option to create your own piece that matches your vision when it comes to making your home look the way you want it to. Whether you’re matching your existing décor or creating a new look, the Shelved modular furniture system lets you choose the perfect combination of framework and panel finishes. Choose from Anthracite, White, or Clear Coat framework, and Graphite, White, or Oak panels. Mix and match, and make your furniture your own.

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Let your personality flourish...

Feature Shelving

With our modular feature shelving, you can inject instant excitement into any room.

Our pre-configured shelving units boast everything from compelling asymmetric openings, staggered and stepped height variation, distinctive spacing, intimately eccentric layouts and more. Every open shelving room divider is designed to add that sought-after sense of individuality into any room, and it's all in your hands. Feature shelving in particular is the perfect way to frame and display your most prized possessions in unique ways. Whether it’s your favourite photographs, distinctive artwork and sculptures, unique drink collections, or even a meticulously organised media collection – our modular furniture is the ultimate storage and display solution for your home.

We've designed our room divider shelves to represent you, regardless of who you are. The minimalistic framework becomes a canvas for you to populate with your personality, starting before it even reaches your door.

Make a start by choosing from one of our three contemporary finishes - the crisp minimalism of Skandi white, the industrial elegance of raw steel, or the refined impact of Crittal-style anthracite. After that, the only limit to your bookshelf room divider is your imagination. You can also take one of our pre-configured feature shelving units and adapt it to your exact liking, or even build your own unique creation, in our 3D product configurator. You have the option to create large or small feature shelving in almost any configuration you need. The size of your room divider with storage is entirely down to you, you can go as big or small as you like. Be free to create almost anything you can dream of.

Worried about future-proofing your feature shelving? We've got your back. Because of the modular nature of our shelving system, you can freely change and adjust your room divider and storage whenever you like. Need somewhere to put the elf at Christmas? – just add on an extra shelf. If you need more storage in your open shelving room divider later down the line – affix an additional cupboard. There's no end to the possibilities of our modular shelving systems. From feature walls and room dividers to home office furniture or hallway storage - Shelved modular systems are designed to grow and adapt alongside you and your life no matter how often things evolve.