We are based in North Yorkshire, just on the edge of The North Yorkshire Moors National Park. All of our manufacturing is done by us, in house. No middle men, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. All products are made in the UK. Learn more about us here.

We don't have physical stores. We do have a small showroom at our HQ in North Yorkshire. This supports the work done by our parent company in the commercial furniture world. We may be able to see you here but visits are strictly by appointment only.

Our AR feature can be found within our Product Configurator.

If you would like to view an 'off-the-shelf' product in your home, go to your chosen products page and select 'customise this design'. This will open that design in the configurator (you might have to wait a couple of seconds whilst it loads). You can then select the AR button from the menu on the left. Follow the on screen instructions from there. If you are going to proceed with purchasing an 'off-the-shelf' item, it is best to add to cart from the product page, not the configurator.

For products designed or customised within the configurator, simply design your product then click the AR button as described above and follow the on screen instructions. Customised designs and configurations designed within the configurator have to be added to the cart from within the product configurator.

We hope that you're pleased with any purchase you've made from us. However, if there's something you're not happy with, please get in touch using the email hello@shelved.co.uk, so that we can try to resolve the matter ASAP.

Any complaint will be dealt with fairly and without prejudice. Your statutory rights as a consumer are unaffected.

Trade enquiries are welcome, please contact us at hello@shelved.co.uk to discuss your requirements.


Absolutely! We have designed our system to be incredibly flexible, modular and customisable. You can design your own configuration of product using our 3D configurator.

There are two ways to do this, 'CUSTOMISE' or 'DESIGN YOUR OWN':


Find a product in our collections that is close to what you require, instead of adding that product to your cart, hit the 'CUSTOMISE THIS DESIGN' button. This will open that configuration in our configurator and you can customise the unit from there.

All Collections.


Alternatively, if you have a good idea what you need, select 'Product Configurator' from the 'Design Your Own' tab in the menu across the top of the page and build your design as you need it.

Product Configurator

If you need some help getting started with the configurator there are some helpful videos here.

Products designed or customised in the configurator can only be purchased by adding to cart from within the configurator.

Yes it can! Our product is designed to be de-mountable. Meaning it can be taken apart and re-built many times.

Yes we can! We make furniture for the home, not landfill.

We understand that your needs change over time, whether that's due to a new house, a new addition to the family, or simply a burgeoning vinyl collection - and we believe your furniture should be able to respond to these changes.

That's why our product was designed as a complete modular system, that can be altered and added to over time.

If you have a master plan but think you might need some more product to realise your vision, or just need a helping hand, please contact us via email at hello@shelved.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

Yes, all products are supplied with a wall fixing kit. All furniture bought from us MUST be securely fastened to a wall to prevent tip-over accidents.

When dressing your shelving please give consideration to the placement of heavy items to avoid accidents. Where possible position these as low as possible.

Never let children (or unsupervised adults) climb or hang on our furniture.

See our Materials and Finishes pages for details,here.

Wipe up any spills quickly and don't let water stand on surfaces for too long.

Use soft, moist clothes to clean furniture. Do not use hard scourers or brushes.

Don't use any harsh chemicals or strong chemicals but gentle furniture cleaning products are fine.

We are able to sell all of the products that make our system as component parts, however they are not all listed on our website. If you need something please contact us and we will help you find the correct replacement item.

Using our configurator you can design a product to suit your space. However the actual size of the parts that make up that configuration cannot be changed. Our system is based ona 40cm grid and all of products are made using a series of jigs and assemblies perfectly sized to fit our products as they are. Our standard depth is 42cm.


Details on how to assemble your shelved product can be found here.

Please be aware that because of the bespoke and customisable nature of our system, our Assembly Instructions are generic and teach you the principles of how to build our system and how to attach any panels or accessories in the right way.

You will not be provided with a complete step-by-step guide to build your specific layout.

If you are having difficulties with your assembly please contact us at hello@shelved.co.uk.

You will only need your thumb to build the framework!

A pozi-head or Phillips head screw driver to attach most of the accessories. And a drill and suitable wall fixings to attach it to a wall to prevent any tipping accidents.

As well as the assembly instructions that are supplied with your order and videos (here). Our configurator tool has a number of useful features to assist with assembly.

Watching the configurator help video, Video Three - Advanced Features, will show you how to view:

  • Frame Only - gives a clear picture of just the framework
  • Pins Only - shows only the connection pins, helping to identify the correct locations for both end and intermediate pins
  • Exploded View - Gives an exploded view of your product, with or without accessories. This view is very useful during assembly.
  • Panel Hints - this gives prompts on your design to help with panel part identification
  • Frame Hints - this gives prompts on your design to help with framework part identification
  • And more...

We don't offer an installation service. If you are in London or the surrounding areas, our preferred installation partner may be able to assists you. Further details can be found here.

Due to the progressive assembly sequence of our system, it is possible to build most designs with one person. That said, two people is always preferable to ensure the assembly is carried out safely and efficiently.

The Configurator

Help videos for the configurator can be found here. These videos will walk you through the basic controls for the configurator and should teach you everything you need to know to get started.

From within the configurator you can save a draft of your build. Clicking this button (bottom right, next to the add to cart button) will generate a URL address unique to your build. You can email this URL, bookmark it or save it somewhere to come back to.

Each time you load this URL your configuration will be re-built and you can proceed from there.

If you have deleted something from your design and it doesn't look quite right, it may be that you need to start again.

We know this can be frustrating, but the modular nature of the system means that as you build, more parts are added and they rely on what was there before them to generate the right components. Sometimes if a part is removed that other parts rely on, the system can fail.

We are constantly working to remove these problems and appreciate your patience.


As all of our products are made to order, once an we have received an order we start manufacturing straight away. For this reason we are unable to change or amend orders once received.

Orders that must be changed need to be cancelled and reordered as required.

Yes. Please contact us within 14 days of receiving your order to start the cancellation process. Please see ourTerms and Conditions of Salefor more information.

Yes, we use PayPal pay in 3 for spread payments. Details can be foundhere.

Here at Shelved we take online security very seriously. All of our online transactions are handled by Opayo, who use secure, encrypted 128-bit SSL certificates to pass information. You can be completely assured that nothing you pass to Opayo’s servers can be examined, used or modified by any third parties attempting to gain access to sensitive information.

We are only able to process payments in GBP.

All prices are shown including VAT.


We are only able to ship to the UK mainland, the good news is it's free.

Deliveries outside of the UK must have prior agreement, in writing, from Shelved and will be subject to additional charges.

We deliver to UK mainland only. We are currently unable to deliver to:

● The whole or Ireland (ROI and NI)

● The Channel Islands

● The Shetland and Orkney Island

More information can be found in our Shipping Policy here.

All deliveries and collections are carried out by our logistics partner. Deliveries are normally made using a van. If you think you may have vehicle access issues that will pose a problem, if a bin lorry is unable to reach your address for example, please let us know in your order notes.

All of our product is made by us, to order, here in the UK. Because of this our lead time is currently 3-4 weeks, though we are always working hard to reduce this.

We will always endeavour to deliver your orders as soon as possible and will be in touch to arrange your specific delivery date as soon as we can.

We will contact you to advise when we are planning to deliver your order. Once dispatched we will email you to advise the order has left us. The day before delivery we will call to ensure we are still able to deliver as arranged. 30 minutes prior to delivery we will contact you to ensure you are home and can accept the delivery.

This depends on what you've ordered! We aim to deliver in as few boxes as possible but we have to ensure all of our boxes are liftable (yep, that's a word) by a single person. This means the product will be spread out across a number of boxes to suit these requirements.


If you need to return a product because it is faulty, or because of something we have done incorrectly, we won't charge you for collections/returns.

However, if you need to return an item because you have changed your mind you will need to pay the collection costs of £75.00.

If you return your whole order, we'll give you a refund, including what you paid for delivery, minus the returns or collection fee.

If you only return some of your order, we'll refund for those items and their delivery, minus the returns or collection fee.

As most of our Products are not suitable for posting, you must allow us to collect the product from you, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Please email us at hello@shelved.co.uk to arrange collection.

More information on Returns and Refunds can be found here.

In the unlikely event that product looks to have been delivered damaged, please take photographs of the damage, including the packaging before opening. Please open the boxes immediately and inspect the contents. If you find product that has been damaged in transit please contact within 48hours of delivery to discuss next steps. In most cases we will be able to replace the damaged parts free of charge.

We are extremely vigilant when it comes to packing our orders, however occasionally things happen. If you believe you are missing something from your order please contact us.