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Our custom cabinets are designed with flexibility in mind.

Fitted around you and your home, a Shelved modular cabinet can adapt for any room – from glassware to shoe cabinets, the modular design system means you can pick and choose depending on your storage needs.

A modular cabinet even makes an excellent room divider, we recommend the Brandsby if you’d like to make one room two. Or, for the maximum amount of storage, the Salton tall double cabinet design features cubby boxes to hide those secret messes. Discover the full collection below.


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Nunnington with Glass ShelvesNunnington with Glass Shelves
Riseborough with Glass ShelvesRiseborough with Glass Shelves

Do décor your way

You’ve dedicated countless hours to creating a home that looks the way you want it to, whether that’s been physically creating that space in your property, or dreaming up the perfect look in your mind. That’s why the Shelved modular furniture system is designed to put you in control of the look and feel of your storage. Our steel framework is available in White, Anthracite, and Clear Coat, whilst a choice of different panel finishes including Graphite, White, and Oak, give you a range of choices to create the ideal look foryour space.

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Keep the clutter at bay...

Modular Cabinets

...whilst keeping your most prized possessions on show. That's exactly what the modular cabinets from Shelved allow you to do.

They provide the versatility of simple storage combined with the elegance of a modern display cabinet, all in one sleek unit. From showcasing that prized bottle of 25-year-old single malt in your living room as a contemporary drinks cabinet, to adding an element of organisation to your ever-changing wardrobe. Our modular cabinets give you a flexible, adaptable platform that embodies your personality whilst keeping everything else under control.

And the flexibility doesn't stop there. Our modular storage solutions are based around a minimalistic framework that can change and grow with you. If you need more storage, you can simply add it. If you need a different layout, you can simply change it. You have the option of creating and utilising both large and small cabinet systems based on your needs at any time. You're in control, meaning that no matter how your life evolves, your Shelved furniture will be right there with you.

If our collection of pre-configured cabinets doesn’t quite fit with what you're looking for, you can change things up from the get-go. Our easy-to-use 3D configurator lets you take one of the existing configurations and bend it to your will. Alternatively, you can be the architect of your very own bespoke modular cabinet design, creating a versatile storage solution from the ground up that meets your exact needs and desires.

All our modular storage cabinets (as well as the individual components) are available in a range of different finishes to complement your existing décor perfectly, or you could even kickstart some new aesthetics in your space…