An Introduction to Modular Furniture

An Introduction to Modular Furniture

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Your Storage, Your Way...

"This isn't quite right…"

"How will this fit if we move it to another room or area?"

"Why did we even buy this?!"

If you've ever enjoyed the invigorating experience of battling with conventional non-modular furniture around the house, chances are that at some point, you may have said (or shouted/screamed/cursed) one or all of the above.

The truth is that conventional furniture, as useful and beautiful as it is, can also be a source of frustration in one way or another. Moving it can often feel like you're trying to manoeuvre an HGV into an alleyway, scraping walls and raising your blood pressure with every inch of movement until you finally manage to squeeze it into place after reciting every single profanity in your vocabulary.

Sometimes it could be an entirely different problem. It might not quite fill the space or fit the aesthetics of your area as much as you'd like, or you might even be stuck with having to keep it in one specific place because of its size or shape. It can be a bit of a nightmare at times.

The biggest downfall of these types of furniture when it comes to certain situations is simply that they are what they are. They're not really designed or built to be altered or adjusted without serious and often irreversible modifications. This can seriously limit your options when it comes to making changes around the house (particularly if you don't enjoy the thought of severing your shelves in half with an assortment of power tools).

Modular furniture does away with that downfall and brings with it an astounding collection of benefits and advantages, letting you create the space you deserve exactly the way you want to (all without putting nasty dents in your walls).


Have you ever had a pair of jeans that feel as if they were made specifically for you? The way they fit, feel and fall - they're perfect. It almost seems as if they've been crafted and formed around your very legs. It feels good, doesn't it?

You're unique. Your identity, your needs and your tastes are likely to be entirely different to everybody else. For that reason alone, it's fairly safe to say that it would be a rare occurrence to find a true one-size-fits-all solution for certain aspects of your life, particularly when it comes to furniture.

Shelved modular furniture can give you that very same feeling that you get from those dream-fit jeans. Obviously, we wouldn't recommend wrapping your body in shelves and cabinets, you might get some odd looks in the street and possibly cause yourself an injury… But that instant sense of satisfaction with the looks and functionality that tick every single box - our modular furniture can do just that. You can create the perfect piece of furniture that fits the exact space you're looking to fill, has all of the storage space and functionality that you want, and looks exactly the way you wanted it to (complete with colour coordination and everything).

Now you may be thinking that you can get the same results from a piece of bespoke furniture. And you're right! But, aside from the huge cost, bespoke carpenter-made furniture cannot give you a modular design, you're going to miss out on a whole host of other benefits that only true modular furniture can give you…

Fitting your TV in your living room is a great example of this. Our Faceby Modular TV unit does away with having to make do with space limitations and instead gives you the flexibility to set up your room, your way!

Versatility & Flexibility

Sometimes you might fancy a change. Your family might grow, you may be moving to a new house, or you might simply just want something a little different at some point in the future. We can't really help with adding a little more spice to your evening meal, but we can tell you how modular furniture can give you a change of interior scenery as and when you want.

With metaphorical shapeshifting capabilities, Shelved modular furniture achieves an extremely high score in the versatility department. Shelved systems are designed for how you live both today and tomorrow. The framework can be changed and adapted and build new creations, all without having to butcher panels or important structural components. You become the creator, limited only by your imagination (but also where the modules attach to each other). Whilst you might not necessarily be able to sculpt a new furniture-based "David", you can build a new functional piece that meets your exact needs. You can do all of that by simply reconfiguring your existing parts.

Like with our modular storage systems such as the Aislaby Modular Hallway Unit. You can breathe life into a hallway making it more beautiful and practical. Set it up how you want it, and change it as you need it! This is furniture that adapts to you

That versatility goes even further when you want to add or remove elements and components. You're free to expand or contract your modular furniture as you wish. If you need more space and less storage, simply remove some parts. You can either store them for later use, or even build a separate piece in another space or room if you want. Adding modules and parts is just as simple. Shelved's modular furniture system is designed to be adapted and reconfigured to your requirements, and the assembly is straightforward and intuitive.

Modular sideboards like the Ellerburn can transform a room and add flexibility. They give ample storage space with adjustable shelves whilst also being a perfect place to display photographs, plants, or whatever you want!

As more and more of us are now working from home, your home office space may need to be adapted to your needs too. Modular desks like our Normanby are the perfect, versatile solution if your office space is feeling cramped with boxes and paperwork. If you have a bit more room? Then our Wintringham is a brilliant choice. Make your space work with your workload, however big it may be.   


You might not think about portability when buying furniture, but as we mentioned earlier, if you're planning on moving things around your house then the easier it is the better. Luckily, our modular furniture is a lot easier to move than those big and bulky pieces of conventional furniture.

A lot of the reasoning behind Shelved's modular furniture being super-mobile lies in the fact that it really is so easy to put up and take down. The components are created to go together quickly and easily, so moving them around takes a lot less strain than trying to lug an entire sideboard up the stairs. This not only means you can make those changes we spoke about earlier without risking a trip to A&E, but it also means just getting it into the right room in the first place is a breeze.


We live in a world where our consciousness of preservation is vital. If we lose sight of what's important and neglect our responsibilities to look after our planet and our population, the consequences could be drastic. Our modular furniture helps to do just that.

Shelved modular furniture is made for the home, not landfill. Due to its modular nature, if a part or component becomes damaged for any reason, you can simply replace the part rather than having to eject the entire thing from your house. Parts are easy to attach and detach, making quick fixes simple without sacrificing structural integrity or aesthetics. And its ability to be adapted over time means it can become multi-purpose over its lifetime. What may be a simple shelf unit today, can become home cinema wall tomorrow (albeit with a few extra parts).

Economically Friendly

Furniture can be a heavy investment. When it comes to quality, particularly surrounding bespoke pieces, you can end up paying quite a significant sum of money up front for a single piece of furniture that you might want to upgrade or adjust later down the line. With those often eye-watering prices alone, it might cause you to think twice about making those changes, leaving you with furniture that you might not necessarily be so keen on in a few months' time. On the modular end of the spectrum, you can take that fear entirely out of your mind.

Shelved's modular furniture system is designed to grow with you and your life. If you want to start out small and build up to a larger piece of furniture over time, you can do that. This not only saves you money from the very beginning, but it also means you can build a tailored piece that gives you that personalisation and versatility that we talked about earlier.

Building your furniture this way is much easier on your bank balance than having to commit to a full conventional non-modular furniture or storage solution that you can't adjust as your needs change. Even if you started with a larger configuration, you'll still be saving money as you won't have to fork out for expensive structural repairs from a professional carpenter should any damage occur, or even worse, entirely replace the piece with something else.

The advantages of modular furniture are almost endless

All in all, it's easy to see the appeal of modular furniture. There are so, so many benefits and advantages over traditional furniture designs. Choosing a modular system puts you in control, letting you build a bespoke piece (or multiple pieces) without the bespoke price tag.

If you're looking to explore the world of modular furniture but need a little more guidance, get in touch with us! We're always on hand to help you with any queries or advice.

In the meantime, take a look at the diverse pre-configured modular furniture options we can offer you. You can re-configure any of our existing options in our configurator to adapt them to your needs, or you could build your very own unique creation from scratch.

It's your life.

Your home.

Your story.

Tell it your way.

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