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Apartment Living & Shelved

Modular Furniture Is Perfect For Flat Or Apartment Living - Here’s Why...

Living in a flat/apartment is great, isn't it? That is, until you start thinking about furniture...

We know your pain - Finding the right furniture for these kinds of properties can often feel like a seemingly impossible task.

It might not always be possible to carry large, bulky pieces through the front door. Sometimes you'll have small lifts, tight staircases, or other obstacles to contend with before you even get there, and sometimes those obstacles might even stop you from being able to get something in the building at all!

It's not just the space getting into your flat either. These kinds of places can often provide some degree of space limitation on the inside in comparison to larger properties, so finding something that fits and achieves the look you want at the same time can sometimes involve a bit of compromise.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

Modular Furniture - The Perfect Way to Furnish Your Flat

We live in an age where you can order pizza to your door without having to speak to a single human being, print out spare parts for your car with a little digital machine in just a few hours, and even climb a mountain from the middle of your own living room (virtually, of course). So, it's safe to say that it needn't be a mammoth task to furnish your flat the way you want to.

With modular furniture, it isn’t!

With the huge range of benefits that modular furniture provides, you could be fooled into thinking that it was designed specifically for flats and apartments. It's actually an incredibly versatile, attractive and intelligent choice for properties and environments of all kinds (including businesses, garages and so much more). But that big list of benefits plays perfectly into the hands of the people who live in flats and apartments, and here's why:

Re-Defining Flat Pack Furniture

In a way, modular furniture fits into similar categories as flat pack furniture, but not quite in the manner that you might expect. For one, Shelved modular furniture in particular does away with that awful reputation that flat pack furniture has typically made for itself - what stands it apart from the flat pack furniture you've come to know, is the quality.

Shelved modular furniture is created with quality as a major priority. You don't have to worry about the bucket-load of issues that plague most flat pack furniture providers. There's no missing parts, the components aren't going to warp and bend within five minutes of putting them all together, and the materials that we use here at Shelved are far superior.

Plus, our furniture is easy to assemble, too. We won't give you one of those typical instruction manuals that may as well be written in ancient hieroglyphics. All of our modular furniture configurations, be it shelving, a TV unit, a sideboard, a complete office system, or even a completely custom creation, can all be put together quickly and easily, and our handy video guides give you easy to follow step-by-step instructions to make it even more straightforward. It's simple!

You Don't Need To Be Arnie To Move It

Whether you're an avid gym-enthusiast or not, moving furniture can be a serious pain, especially when it comes to getting it into your home! And like we mentioned earlier, living in a flat or apartment can make that so much more frustrating. But our modular furniture puts an end to that.

Gone are the days of tearing yourself apart and putting dents and holes into your doors/walls/neighbour's car. We package our modular furniture configurations intelligently, making them easy to carry and transport, all without stress, pain, and swearing.

How have we achieved such a momentous achievement you ask? Well, it's easy really. We've just made sure that every box that our furniture comes in is a simple one-person lift. We don't cram an entire room's worth of shelving into a single suspiciously-fragile cardboard box that feels like it could just empty your furniture all over that mountain of stairs you've just climbed at any moment. We want to make your life easier from the very moment we deliver your furniture to your home, so all of our boxes are packed properly and so that anyone can lift and move them comfortably.

Like we said, they're a one-person lift, and they're never any bigger.

Made To Fit Around You, Not The Other Way Around

Ever bought a piece of furniture that started to rule how the rest of your home had to be laid out, or even how you lived at home? It can be a bit of a nightmare, and sometimes you end up just sub-consciously putting up with it while a little bundle of hatred for that overly-bulky TV stand slowly builds over time. You start dreaming about taking a hammer and saw to certain parts of it while you sleep, until one day you just give in and spend your hard-earned cash on something else. That's not how it should be...

Luckily, modular furniture is the perfect solution. Flats and apartments are often a little more limited on space than other types of property, meaning floorspace is more precious than ever, so we created our Shelved systems to feature a minimal footprint that doesn't intrude on your space or your life.

That's not all though. Modular furniture is, as the name suggests, modular! That means you can change and adapt your furniture whenever you like. If you want to add or remove modules, you can do that. If you want to change the layout and configuration of the modules that are there to create something entirely different, you can do that too. You've got the freedom to create furniture that fits your needs, no matter when or how those needs change. And that brings us onto the next point...

The Bespoke Feel Without Bespoke Limitations

Bespoke furniture is fantastic. It's that special something that's been created just for you - it's entirely unique, and it's built to become a part of your home. However, that's not always the most convenient situation, especially for flats and apartments, and even more so if those properties are rented…

But that's where modular furniture comes to the rescue yet again! Because of the completely customisable nature of our Shelved modular furniture systems, you can create a configuration that is entirely bespoke to you. You can create something that's unique in both looks and functionality, and make it fit to your home exactly the way you want it to. It's all about positioning your different modules in such a way that creates your desired results. Whether you want a distinctive asymmetrical corner shelving feature, a monolithic TV unit that wraps itself around those often-awkward dropped roof sections, or an office system that perfectly accommodates each and every one of your colourful files.

The possibilities are almost endless, and the only limitation is your creativity. Plus, you never have to worry about your "bespoke" furniture being built into your property either, saving you the hassle of trying to explain to your landlord why there's been some rather substantial furniture changes if you live in a rented property.

Not Convinced That Modular Furniture Is For You?

We get it. Buying furniture is a bigger deal than most people think. Finding the right fit, the right finish, and the perfect style, whether you're looking to transform your existing décor or simply find something that matches your current arrangements. It's tough!

That's why we pride ourselves on the sheer amount of customisation options available with our Shelved modular furniture system. You can create almost any piece of furniture, to fit in any room, and it can be changed and adapted at any time you like. Want to get started? Check out our range of pre-configured designs, or create your very own masterpiece in our clever (and easy to use) 3D configurator. A world of frustration-free furniture awaits…