Colour of the AW23 Season: A Damson Style Guide

Colour of the AW23 Season: A Damson Style Guide

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Damson, a rich, regal shade of purple with undertones of deep plum and burgundy, has a timeless appeal that transcends seasonal trends. John Lewis & Partners have named Damson their colour of the season for AW 2023 and we absolutely love it – here’s why:

As the temperatures drop, we all seek warmth and cosiness in our homes. Damson, with its warm undertones, creates a snug and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for hunkering down during the colder months.

One of our favourite things about the colour of the season is its beaming versatility. This rich hue feels warm and inviting, yet has an opulent allure, which makes it easy to integrate into existing schemes. It pairs beautifully with a range of colours, from a warm palette of gold, copper, brass, cream, to cooler shades of blue and charcoal grey. This adaptability allows you to create various design styles, from classic and traditional to modern and eclectic.

Damson's vibrancy isn't bound by the seasons. Its beautifully vibrant tone seamlessly transitions into spring and summer. By incorporating Damson accessories into your home, you can ensure that your space remains vibrant and inviting year after year, effortlessly adapting to the changing seasons.

Damson is the very embodiment of sophistication. It possesses the innate ability to infuse an air of elegance into any space, instantly elevating it to a realm of refined luxury. Whether employed liberally or in subtle accents, this majestic hue bestows a touch of opulence that adds a sense of grandeur to your interiors. Imagine the richness of velvet Damson curtains or the regal charm of a Damson-themed dining room.

This season is all about colour confidence… If you want to make a bold statement with your interior design, Damson is the way to go. Whether used on walls, furniture, or accessories, it demands attention and adds a touch of drama to any space. It’s as easy as adding a pop of colour to neutral spaces or embracing a full colour drenched room.


Style Guide

Now that you're convinced of Damson's allure, it's time to explore how you can integrate this captivating colour into your AW23 décor:

Painted Walls

Consider painting an accent wall or an entire room in Damson to create a striking focal point. This works especially well in living rooms and bedrooms.

Check out this gorgeous paint from Farrow & Ball - Brinjal No. 222 – 2.5l £75.00


Not sure about swerving from your current paint colour, furniture is another great way to make a bold statement.

How about this Philippe Starck for Kartell Masters Limited Edition Chair available at John Lewis - £229.00

Or… make a big yet very classy statement with a Drenched Damson Velvet Boho Sofa from Loaf - £2,575

Combe everyday functionality with the 1970s interiors of 180 by investing in this Geona Coffee Table a simple yet striking statement piece for your living room available at Soho Home - £1,995.


A somewhat easier and less expensive way to add pops of colour to your existing décor is by choosing damson-coloured cushions, throws, and curtains.

We love the bold pattern on this 100% Organic Cotton Navy and Damson cushion cover from Palava - £65

For a budget friendly, yet extremely elegant option, check out this Sienna Cushion Cover from Dunelm - £8

As the nights get darker and evenings get colder a nice woollen throw is essential – add this ‘Wool Throw - Damson Gin’ from Myza to your living room or bedroom - £69.


Damson accents can be introduced through decorative accessories like vases, rugs, and artwork. These smaller touches can tie your design together beautifully.

We delved into the importance of house plants in our recent blog post ‘How to bring the outdoors indoors this Autumn’ and this Glazed Indoor Pot is a great way to add plants to your living space - £115

This Trumpet vase from Swedish Cooee Design has a round globe body and a trumpet-shaped neck - £60

Choose a rug with a modern and bold design like this Reef Rug from Swyft - £199

Statement Lighting

Choose pendant lights or lampshades in Damson to add a touch of drama and sophistication to your space.

How about this timeless classic the Anglepoise Type 75 Mini Table Lamp, in Damson - £135

Or… this Flowerpot portable table lamp VP9, an innovative version of Verner Panton's popular table lamp VP3 available from Nordic Nest - £155.50

For a more budget friendly option consider switching your lightshades with this Handloom Tapered Cylinder Shade from Ruma - £15


Add a splash of colour to the bathroom, you can opt for red marble basins, statement tubs and monochrome tiles – or damson-coloured accessories and soft furnishings for a more pared-back scheme.

These wall tiles are a great way to add a bold statement to your bathroom – Diamante Damson Tile - £29.99 M2

Or simply switch out your towels for an easy way to add a pop of colour - Organic Towel Set from Brown of London - £44.90

Damson's reign as the colour of AW23 is a testament to its timeless appeal and transformative ability. Whether you choose to embrace it modestly or lavishly, Damson promises to infuse your home with enduring style and seasonal grace, resonating with the heart-warming spirit of Autumn and Winter. So, let Damson be your muse this season, and watch as your living spaces come alive with regal allure and resplendent drama.