How to Decorate Your Shelves for Christmas

How to Decorate Your Shelves for Christmas

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December is just a few sleeps away and as we eagerly anticipate unveiling the first advent calendar door, it's the perfect moment to infuse your home with the festive spirit. Christmas brings a special kind of magic, and what better way to spread that joy than by transforming your home into a warm and welcoming space for your family? As we revel in the delicious foods and impressive presents, there's something special in adorning our living spaces with the charm of Christmas.

While everyone remembers to deck the halls and dress the tree if you are looking for a new spot to add that Christmas touch, try decorating some of the shelving space in your home. Shelving is one of those often-overlooked areas of the home when it comes to Christmas decorating, but with just a few fun pieces and these quick and easy steps, you can transform your everyday shelves into a major focal point of your home.

In a previous blog post, we delved into the versatility of open shelving for your décor foundation – discussed in Living Room Shelf Styling. One of the key advantages is its adaptability, making it effortless to mirror the season – rearrange and add a few ornaments, and you’re pretty much there.

In this blog, we will share creative ideas and tips on how to make your shelves the focal points of festive joy and cheer. Before diving into the world of holiday decs, clear your shelves to create a blank canvas. This will help your festive additions stand out and shine.


Choose a Theme

Consider selecting a specific theme for your festive season shelf décor. When choosing a style, don't limit yourself to the conventional red and green palette. Expand your horizons and elevate your Christmas décor by choosing a theme that resonates with your personal style and the vibes you wish to create.

Envision your shelves as a canvas for creativity. Will it be a winter wonderland with glistening snowflakes and icy hues? Or perhaps a rustic farmhouse, exuding warmth with natural elements and earthy tones? Having a cohesive theme will give your shelves a polished and intentional appearance. Metallic silver and gold accents add a touch of sophistication, creating a visually striking display on your shelves.


Colour Scheme

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, colours play a crucial role in bringing the whole look together. Selecting two or three colours to form your colour palette helps to add harmony to your overall display.

Play around with different colour schemes to find the one that resonates with your style. Traditional red and green, wintry blues and silvers, or a modern palette of whites and golds. Remember that your shelves don’t need to match the rest of your home decor, the goal is to infuse your space with Christmas cheer.


Gather Your Decs

Bring out your favourite Christmas ornaments and showcase them on your shelves. Mix and match different shapes, sizes, and colours for a visually appealing display. Consider using ornament stands to elevate individual pieces and add dimension to your display. Traditional ornaments, wreaths, and stockings can create a cosy, nostalgic atmosphere.


Bring in the Season

Add a touch of seasonal magic by blending the beauty of nature into your living space. Weave the freshness of Christmas greenery into your arrangement, artfully placing pinecones, holly sprigs, and evergreen branches on your shelves. Introduce a festive foliage garland or a vase of twigs to infuse the essence of the holidays.

Embrace the rustic charm by incorporating locally foraged elements and transform foraging into a cherished Christmas tradition. For a timeless appeal, consider adding a mini-Christmas tree or a wreath, evoking classic festive vibes that resonate with tradition.


DIY Festive Fun

Unleash your creativity and get involved in some DIY Christmas crafts, this will make your display unique and will add a sentimental touch to your shelf decor. Handmade ornaments, delicate paper snowflakes, or personalised stockings – this will not only make the space personal but also provide an engaging way to involve the entire family in the joyous preparations for the festive season. Let your shelves become a canvas for shared creativity, reflecting the warmth and joy of the holidays in every handmade detail.


Lights, Lights, Lights

Christmas wouldn't be the same without twinkling lights, and no Christmas decor is complete without them. Weave strands of fairy lights around your shelves or place battery-operated LED candles strategically for a warm and inviting glow. This simple addition can instantly transform the ambience of your space.


Most importantly…

As you curate the items for your shelves, ensure a thoughtful layering process—each piece should be strategically placed to capture attention without appearing overly uniform. Start from the top and work your way down, focusing on one shelf at a time. Make sure each shelf has pieces of varying height and texture for visual appeal. And feel free to change things around as you work. Play with the pieces on each shelf until you find what works and looks good.

Balancing each side of the shelf with an object of equal height on the opposite side will bring symmetry to your shelves. Remember the power of threes, as it extends to creating visual triangles with your ornaments and accessories. Opt for three pieces in the same colour or texture and strategically place them on different shelves to naturally draw the eye, forming an appealing triangular arrangement. This simple yet effective rule will enhance the overall visual harmony of your festive shelf display.



Decorating your shelves for Christmas is an opportunity to express your personal style and infuse your home with holiday joy. Embrace the spirit of Christmas, get creative, and let your shelves tell a story of warmth, love, and celebration. Keep things interesting by rotating your shelf decor throughout the holiday season. Swap out items, refresh the arrangement, and introduce new elements to keep the festive spirit alive in your home. Happy decorating!