Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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Tired of clutter and wishing you always had more space? Us too! Here’s some ways we have found to get creative in small spaces.


Storage is a luxury in 2023

If you need to restructure your space to optimise storage, we’ve got some tips that can help!

First things first, you need to decide what you want out of your space. Are you looking to create the perfect hybrid environment that serves all of your living and working needs, or do you just need to make the most of your cave?

This will come in key when deciding what kind of storage you need and how much of that you want tucked away out of sight or utilised as part of your interior design. For ease, we’ve got some tips and tricks that our modular furniture can help with.


Small storage space ideas

Organising Your Hallway

An often forgotten space as we walk into the home is the hallway. When running in from a busy day or running out on even busier errands, the hallway sees the most traffic and can often collect the most clutter.

Optimizing smaller spaces to increase wasted space can make those late nights and early morning more aesthetically pleasing whilst also offering you a more permanent solution to a messy house. Modular hallway storage cabinets can be found in a range of colours and materials to suit your home, allowing you to find a combination that fits best. We recommend keeping your hallway storage behind closed cabinets, to make sure the clutter looks neat and tidy in what is often a cramped area.

We’ve done plenty of deep dives on how to optimise your hallway, read more here.

Tidying Your Home Office

Working from home has found many people struggling to find a balance between productivity and keeping their space tidy and homely. Upgrade your office game and integrate it into your home without feeling like you live in your office. It may be a small storage solution for paperwork, spare electronics, or your trinkets you keep close during your working day; these customisable units offer a solution to small space storage problems.

Combining shelves with your desk means you get the added storage to keep the work messes at bay, but you also get one piece of furniture doing two jobs – so you don’t have a separate cabinet taking up space in the room.

How Large Furniture Can Give You More Space

Custom cabinets transform any room; find one in any combination you need, so whether you prefer showcasing your treasures or tucking them away to maximise storage without needing to worry who sees it.

A large open cabinet can seem like an obstacle at first, but using it to your advantage can help separate a room into different zones, giving even a small space more purpose.


Declutter your space

When we are faced with the issue of outgrowing our space without the free ability to hop into new bigger digs, it’s important to think about what we actually need to keep.

We suggest spending a little time deciding on what makes the cut, this way when you come to choose pieces to best suit your space, you’ll be utilising the small storage space in the best way possible.

Everyone is guilty of being sentimental at times, but by picking key pieces of furniture to solve small storage issues, you can provide safe places for both your essentials and keepsakes without cluttering your home.


Think creatively.

Finally, think outside the box when considering how to best fit storage into your small space. Utilise spaces you haven’t considered yet. Whether that be popping spices onto the back of a kitchen door or sneaking in hanging space into smaller storage cupboards to utilise higher spaces. This way you can free up vital floor space to sneak in beautifully designed storage solutions that not only look good, but help you fit all of your needs into your small space.