How to Wall Mount a Desk & Redesign Your Office Space

How to Wall Mount a Desk & Redesign Your Office Space

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Want to maximise space in your home whilst also keeping that cool and clean aesthetic? As working from home appears set to stay and homes are increasingly now being transformed into hybrid spaces designed to fulfil family life, we’re diving into tips on how to curate your perfect minimalist home office space.

Whether you’re creating a fresh student space, designing the perfect city centre apartment, or freeing up space for life’s new arrivals in your forever home - at Shelved, we're all about making the most of your home.

Investing in your home working space is exactly that, an investment. So, if you’re just testing the waters to see if this is for you, maybe you’re looking to up-skill yourself in DIY or simply you haven’t yet got the budget to totally redesign, a wall-mounted desk could be for you. This can be achieved in any space and is totally customisable to your individual needs, but there are a few things to consider before taking the leap to more organised living.

How do you wall mount a desk?

Whether it’s your budget blocking you, or you’re keen to hone your DIY talents, your first step into space-saving interiors could be creating a small but effective homework space. With our short but sweet guide, you’ll learn how to build a wall mounted desk before reading more about curating a fully-fledged minimalist interior haven. Here are three crucial considerations before you get started:

The Best Material For A Wall Mounted Desk

MDF is a popular choice for floating desks – each to paint, lightweight and strong. Solid wood can look nice too, but you’ll need tougher brackets if this is the route you’re going for.

Find a worktop that matches your aesthetic and your budget. We recommend white or cream to create a feeling of light and space in your home. Alternatively consider adding depth and warmth with deep wooden tones; creating a cosy nook could be the perfect space to foster creativity at work.

The Tools You’ll Need For a Floating Desk

Arm yourself with the tools you need. Think about what you’ll be attaching your desk to. Have you got a shiny new build with stud walls, or a house full of history that will need something a little heavy duty? Also consider what you’ll be putting on your desk. Just paper and a laptop? Or a large computer monitor?

How High Should a Wall Mounted Desk Be?

When it comes to height, most desks (including ours) sit at 28-30 inches above the floor. If you’re still not sure then we recommend pulling up a chair to see how much leg space you need before mounting the desk.

Once you’re ready, always measure twice, drill once; or measure three times depending on how much trust you have in yourself. Whether it’s a short-term fix having a wall mounted desk, or a long-term workspace, you don’t want unsightly extra holes in your eyeline whilst you’re trying to close a deal or write your first novel.


Minimalism is Nothing New

Minimalism is not a new concept. First popularised in the 1920s, artists were way ahead of their time, slimming down design and streamlining spaces to create beautifully curated, simple ways of living. Gone were the day of ostentatious homes with animal carvings and deep velvets, instead beginning to see the arrival of lighter, brighter spaces with a fresh approach to design and, most notably, less clutter.

Artists’ designs soon saw themselves reflected in homes worldwide, with people seeing the benefits of a simpler way of living. Minimalism is about intentionality, not deprivation, and so it’s no surprise that this way of interior curation continued.

The rise of the home office suddenly made a gigantic jump when the world was locked down in 2020. From mega mansion to bed-sit, we all made do with a coffee table, a corner, or a sofa to find our way through. With this, we learnt so much more about creating peace in a home - whereas before work based stress had been confined to the walls of office buildings, this now existed within homes on a new level and the world quickly leaned on minimalism to work out a way to create a healthy and happy working environment at home. So, whatever the size of your space, curating a customisable home office space can be taken from your dreams and made a reality with Shelved - whatever your space, there's a modular solution for every situation.


Fast Interiors vs Investment Pieces

It’s been tradition for classic pieces of furniture to be handed down through the generations. Our predecessors knew a thing or two about buy cheap, pay twice, that’s for sure! But who says we still need to be passing on grandfather clocks and worn-our chaise lounges? Investing in beautifully designed, made-to-last minimalist pieces means future proofing your furniture and investing in sustainable pieces that will evolve with you - so as life changes, your surroundings can be adapted for your specific needs. Whether it’s a place to put a nappy caddy, room for school artwork, or a space for a budding university student to sit - Shelved can help you future-proof not only your home, but also the planet, by offering sustainable options to suit everyone’s needs.

The change in how we live has seen a rise in fast-fashion type brands responding to societies need to adapt their homes and flooding the market with cheaply made interiors, cluttering homes with pieces that are designed to last a season at most. Shelved have thoughtfully created a collection of modular designs to meet the needs of any growing brood. From giving you a simple workspace to stepping up your home office game, pieces like the Amotherby provide you with a simple solution to your interior needs without compromising on style or quality.


Less is more.

From wall mounting a desk for a simple workspace, to totally committing to de-cluttering your space to create the full simple aesthetic, minimalism Is more than a concept - it’s a lifestyle.

The benefits of minimalism are truly endless. Research has shown that living in a clutter-free space reduces stress due to the ease in cleaning and maintaining a minimalistic space, the light and space it produces, and the reduction it costs to create long-term.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s dipping your toe by following a how-to-fit your first wall mounted desk, or jumping into the pool of possibility and redesigning your home office with totally customisable made-to-last interior standouts, Shelved are here to help you redesign not only your interior, but your way of thinking. Let Shelved evolve with you to give you long-lasting, sustainable solutions, without compromising on quality.

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