An Exciting Season for Interior Design: AW23

An Exciting Season for Interior Design: AW23

Autumn is the best time of year, the leaves begin to change, the temperature drops and we all begin to nestle back into the comfort of our homes. It’s time to welcome the new season and spruce up our living spaces. We have put together our favourite key themes for AW23 interior design, that are sure to elevate your home.

Warm and Earthy Tones

This season is all about colour confidence, so, for those who enjoy decorating with darker tones, AW23 is your time to shine. In a previous blog, we discussed ‘Damson’ – the Colour of the AW23 season as named by John Lewis & Partners. The rich, regal shade of purple with undertones of deep plum and burgundy, has a timeless and warming appeal that transcends seasonal trends. For a full style guide and inspiration check out our previous blog post – here.

But if Damsons is not for you, fear not. AW23's interior design boasts an array of popular colours including deep and earthy tones like the serene shades of olive or the verdant hues of moss, the cosy palette of warm browns, tans, and caramels, and the comforting embrace of warm neutrals like gentle beiges and soft off-whites. One of our favourites is Loving Orange a paint shade from YesColours seen as the wall colour in this image featuring a stylish shelved TV unit.

We recommend introducing these colours in furniture, upholstery, accessories, statement lighting or accent walls. Bold and earthy tones pair beautifully with monographic tones, natural wood finishes, and metallic accents like brass.


Modern Meets Classic

One of our favourite interior trends is the ‘modern meets classic’ concept. A style which mixes the charm of classic elements with the sleek, forward-thinking aesthetics of the modern world. The best part is this approach transcends the idea of a temporary trend that encourages throw-away behaviour – the combination invites nostalgia and character into your living space.

Imagine decorative antiques juxtaposed with the clean lines of contemporary furniture. The 'modern meets classic' trend invites you to play with the interplay of old and new, creating a balance that's both visually unique and comforting.

The approach is found everywhere this season offering a unique opportunity to infuse your space with character and personality. Whether you're a fan of vintage elegance or minimalist modernity, 'modern meets classic' is a design philosophy that welcomes everyone to explore, experiment, and express their unique style in a way that's truly timeless.

We have noticed that this season designers are placing particular emphasis on the '70s, as it makes a triumphant return to interior design. Think retro-inspired bold, curved lines, shaggy rugs, and earthy colour palettes. Incorporate iconic '70s materials like terracotta, macramé, and rattan. Don't forget the houseplants, as they were a staple of '70s interiors and continue to thrive in today's design world.

Dopamine Dressing

An interior design style which has caught our eye is the concept of Dopamine Dressing, in which the use of vibrant, joyful colours combined with playful patterns are encouraged; used to create a sense of excitement and positivity to influence your mood and well-being. Bright colours are believed to stimulate the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward.

Incorporate these hues into your home through accent walls, throw pillows, and art pieces. Combine them with plush textures like velvet and faux fur for an added sensory delight. The goal is to create spaces that make you feel instantly happier and energised.

Patterns and textures also play a significant role in dopamine dressing. Incorporate playful and energetic patterns like stripes, geometric shapes, or floral prints. You could even experiment with patterned wallpaper, upholstery, or rugs to inject character into your space. However, it is important to ensure you maintain a cohesive colour palette and balance busy patterns with solid-coloured minimalist furniture or accessories.

The objective of the dopamine dressing interior design style is to create homes that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also uplift your spirits. A great way to introduce colour to your shelved unit is by including fabric infill panels. Fabric Infill Panels are available in a diverse range of colours, these fabric panels simply slot into any aperture within the framework.


Perhaps, what could be seen as the sheer opposite of the Dopamine Dressing design concept – Brutalism, a movement which first emerged in the 1950s, is making a serious comeback.

The brutalist design style is defined by the use of concrete, unfinished industrial materials, strong structural elements, rigid shapes, and a monochromatic colour scheme. We have already seen the return of the Brutalist design this year and it is set to continue increasing in popularity this AW23 season.

Fortunately, the movement has propelled significantly since the 50s. Neo-brutalist designers are avoiding the mistakes of the past, where brutalist interiors and structures we named bulky, ugly and cold. The new style results in a softer approach where the traditional elements of the style are juxtaposed with organic accents. Designers are incorporating natural elements like wood, stones, plants and sustainable materials resulting in a warmer and more welcoming aesthetic.

We believe the return of the interior design style can be attributed to a general request for clean and calming spaces, it incorporates many themes; minimalism, sustainability, functionality as well as the use of earthy tones and textures. We have seen the return of concrete floors in the design world this year, with new finishing techniques, from raw to polished – it is now possible to change this once-cold finish to have an elegant sheen.

In true brutalist style, check out our clear coat steel finish option, which has all of the advantages of powder coating but shows the natural colour of the steel underneath, the textures and details in the steel vary, and there is a visible seam, welding and some grinding marks. This finish option suits the raw and industrial feel of the Brutalism design style, in our opinion the markings add character and personality to the furniture. Pair the clear coat, with oak-finished panels and glass shelves for an industrial, yet soft and natural aesthetic.


We have in fact saved the best until last… We are pleased to say that sustainability continues to be a significant focus in interior design. AW23 will see more use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient fixtures, and durable furniture, with a general focus on individuals reducing their environmental impact. Everyone is becoming more environmentally conscious, thinking things through before making rushed purchases, not simply about the end product, but the mode of production and waste continue to come under scrutiny.

In the fight against fast furniture and disposable, it’s never been more important to buy things that are meant to last. We have created a system that encourages people to buy well and buy once. The Shelved System has a robust structure and easy-to-build framework that can be dismantled and rebuilt without any loss of functionality or strength.

Our system's modular, re-configurable nature allows the product to be re-used and re-purposed, so it can change and grow with you. We have a commitment to quality, durability, and sustainability. To learn more about our bold stance against disposable furniture, check out our recent blog post - Flat Pack Furniture: Cost vs Value.


Overall, AW23 promises to be an exciting season for interior design, offering a wide range of trends to suit various tastes and preferences.