The BEST Modular TV Unit?

The BEST Modular TV Unit?

Having recently delved into the benefits of modular furniture as a whole, in this blog post we wanted to direct all our attention to the Shelved modular TV units.

We supply a wide range of contemporary TV units equipped with integrated shelving and cupboards, providing an ideal setting for your TV while offering a practical storage solution to optimise space. The enduring modular design presents a diverse array of sizes, styles, and finishes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your home.

Our TV units showcase clean lines and minimalist silhouettes that seamlessly blend into any interior decor. Whether you lean towards minimalist aesthetics or desire a hint of rustic charm, our TV units are thoughtfully designed to cater to every taste, making them an essential addition to your home.

Introducing Our TV Unit Collection

Dive into our extensive TV unit range boasting twenty meticulously crafted pre-configured designs, ready for ‘off the shelf’ purchase. The collection is available in all of our finish options: White, Anthracite, or Clear Coat Framework; Graphite, White, or Oak panels; and a choice between Solid Brass or Black Steel end connection pins. Notably, four of the modular TV units also feature elegant glass shelving.

For those opting for a preconfigured TV unit, remember that customisation is at your fingertips. Look out for the pink 'Customise' button on the product page, granting you access to our configurator. Here, you can enhance the design by adding cubbies, planters, or swapping panels for the glass shelving option. Let's delve into the distinctive styles within our collection:

TV Unit with Shelving

Our TV units with shelving emerge as the most popular configuration, and it's easy to see why. This style showcases distinctive vertical open shelving complemented by expansive bridging ladders, allowing for shelving above the TV. The collection features a range of designs in this style, from the grand ‘Wakendale’, to the compact elegance of the ‘Lastingham’.

TV Stand with Cupboards

For a more understated choice, explore our TV Stands. Discreet units with ample storage, and a touch of open shelving. Take a closer look at the 'Foston' TV Stand, boasting two double cupboards and a central open shelving section. Alternatively, consider the low-profile 'Knapton' stand, equipped with a single cupboard and an open shelf.

TV Unit with Glass Shelving

With our recent addition of glass shelving, we've revamped the configurations of our four best-selling TV units: Heslerton, Faceby, Wakendale, and Pockley. Elevate your viewing experience with the sleek and modern touch of glass, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your chosen TV unit.

Design Your Own

If our preconfigured units don't perfectly suit your home, take matters into your own hands and design your own. Use our 3D product configurator to craft a unit tailored to your space and requirements—building your ideal TV unit has never been easier.

Why Shelved?

At Shelved, we understand that every living room is unique. That's why we've created a system that allows you to build a TV unit that suits your space seamlessly. Crafted from high-quality materials chosen for their durability, our TV units remain an integral part of your home for years to come. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the precision and attention to detail evident in every aspect of our craftsmanship.