The Ultimate Hobby Space

The Ultimate Hobby Space

The initial Covid lockdown during the spring of 2020 ignited a significant resurgence in hobbies, prompting many of us to unlock our creative potential. As a result, in the subsequent years hobby rooms have gained popularity.

In the pursuit of creating a home that you love, the allure of a dedicated hobby room becomes evident. In a world full of distractions, homes have evolved into multifunctional spaces, serving as offices, bedrooms, dining areas, and play zones - it is therefore more important than ever to create an area for you to enjoy. This personal space has the potential to be a place to unwind and to help you focus. Consolidating your hobby equipment in one organised place also minimises clutter, subsequently alleviating stress levels.

Some variations of hobby rooms are more common than others, but in reality, if you enjoy doing something, there's scope for giving yourself dedicated space to do it. The most common ‘hobby rooms’ include home gyms, meditation and yoga rooms, acoustic music rooms, games or cinema rooms, and arts and crafts studios. Other examples include bars, spas, potting rooms, libraries and reading rooms. 


Designating your Space

For many people, having a dedicated hobby room may seem like a luxury that their homes cannot accommodate. However, in almost every case, homes big and small, there is space that's currently not being used to its full potential. Finding the room is the real conundrum. If you have a guest bedroom only used on occasion, or a home office no longer in use after returning to work, it's worth weighing up the value against the daily benefits of creating room for your passions.

For those in the process of moving or redesigning, yet to assign rooms, when designating a space, select a room that speaks to you – consider natural light, accessibility, and the overall vibe you want to create.


Multipurpose Space

It's important to remember, you don’t always need an entire room to create an area that is dedicated to doing something you love. In an ideal world, your hobby room can do both.

For example, create a hobby room that can provide overspill sleeping by adding a sofa bed or Murphy bed to the room, this can then be transformed into an additional bedroom when you have guests. To add a complete disguise to the hobby space, add a curtain that can partition the room, creating a cosy retreat for your visitors.

Alternatively, adapt your home office; during the day create a space where you can work from home with focus and tranquillity. Then as the evening draws in, employ large storage units to store away work-related equipment, files, and laptops, transforming the space into an area you can enjoy as the night unfolds. The key to designing a multifunctional room is designated and adaptable storage. The Shelved Home Office configurations provide the perfect solution. The compact footprint of the design is guaranteed not to take over your valuable space. Featuring compact desks with shelving that can be customised to your liking, and built-in storage that provides the perfect place to enclose work essentials.

If you are fortunate enough to have a large room, consider using the broken plan design method. In short, this simply means using non-permanent partitions to create divisions and individual spaces. This allows you to have a secluded hobby space without taking over a full room. Shelving and cupboards are the ultimate broken-plan solution. Our modular shelving system has a lightweight, minimalistic framework that is perfect for creating a highly effective division in your space whilst also providing functional storage capability. Although we have a range of pre-designed feature shelving units that may be perfect for your space – with our modular system, the choice is yours, you can create furniture to suit your space and needs using the product configurator.


Functional Storage

One crucial aspect that is frequently overlooked is storage. Whatever your hobby, whether it's arts and crafts, music, reading or gaming, storage is a must.

This is where we can help. Create bespoke storage solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the space, and your different hobby needs. It is worth suggesting – not all of your items need to be stored away out of sight. If you're a creative, why not display finished projects or items that reflect your passion, if you’re a music lover consider opting for vinyl storage units to showcase your collection.

To store away ‘not so pretty’ equipment, cupboards are always a good idea. This also means that if you do need to alter your space into a guest room, it's possible, without your guests sleeping among your half-finished projects or cluttered shelving. Our cupboards are equipped with adjustable internal shelving to maximise your storage space, as well as rear cable management ports so you can goodbye to the chaos of tangled wires; and seamlessly connect electronic devices and peripherals without the hassle of long, messy cable runs.


Personalised Interior Design

One of the most exciting and novel facets of having a dedicated hobby room lies in the opportunity to fashion your interior design to align with your passions. It's not just a room; it's a canvas for your creativity.

If you love to paint, the arrangement of furniture takes on a new significance. Craft a space where natural light takes centre stage. If a tranquil meditation space is your aspiration, consider streamlining your decor and introducing a colour palette that beckons serenity and peace. Alternatively, go bold and infuse the room with a thematic decor that aligns with your hobby. For example, if you have a gaming room, consider incorporating decor inspired by your favourite game. Wall art, rugs, and furnishings can all contribute to establishing a cohesive theme.

Incorporate seating options that cater to your hobby. Whether it's comfortable loungers for reading, ergonomic chairs for work-related hobbies, or floor cushions for meditation, ensure that your seating aligns with the activities you love.

Whatever your hobby it is important to consider lighting. Prioritise natural light where possible, if your hobby space is unfortunate to be tucked away in a dark room, supplement with task or adjustable lighting to ensure you have the correct level of light for all your activities.

Regardless of the kind of hobby space you're designing, it's wise to incorporate soundproofing. For instance, if your hobby involves loud activities, like in the case of a listening room, including it can prevent other household members from unintentionally becoming part of your recreational activities. On the other hand, if you desire a tranquil space for activities like yoga or meditation, it serves as a shield from the noise of family life. Acoustic enhancements not only enhance sound quality but can also contribute to a distinctive aesthetic, such as sound-absorbing panels with customisable designs.

Finally, incorporate personal memorabilia or items that hold sentimental value related to your hobby. This could be framed concert tickets, vintage tools, or artefacts that serve as both decor and reminders of your passion.