Transform Your Living Room Corner

Transform Your Living Room Corner

In many homes, there's a corner of the living room that often goes unnoticed, a bit neglected, you know the one. Many of us have it, collecting dust and housing odds and ends, yet the underutilised space could add both functionality and style to the room.

In this blog post, we'll explore imaginative living room corner ideas that can transform these neglected, forgotten spaces.

1. Hobby Space

In a previous blog, we discussed the resurgence in hobbies since the initial covid lockdown, which has subsequently led to hobby rooms gaining popularity. When creating a home that you love, the appeal of a dedicated hobby room is obvious. For those who can not afford to dedicate a full room to a hobby, this unused living room corner could be just the place for you to unwind and focus.

Cosy Reading Nook

Transform a quiet corner into your personal cosy reading nook—a classic idea that never loses its charm. To style your reading space, first start with somewhere to store, and display, all of your favourite reads. Choose a smaller, compact unit like a Sneaton or Cawton, that will not overcrowd your space.

For those with a bigger space make a bold statement by installing floor-to-ceiling bookshelves – design your own unit, or make use of a Beadlam. This not only provides ample storage for your book collection but also adds an architectural element to the room. Mix in decorative items and framed photos to make the bookshelves visually appealing. Choose a comfortable chair and strategically place a floor or table lamp, casting the perfect glow for a cosy reading experience without overwhelming brightness.

Listening Corner

Make the most of your living room by creating a dedicated listening corner. For the most part, the layout could follow a similar arrangement as your reading nook. For vinyl enthusiasts, add storage or a shelving unit to showcase your favourite records. If there's room add a comfy place to sit. Include any sentimental and music-related ornaments. Enhance the atmosphere with a rug to absorb outside noise, creating an undisturbed auditory experience.

Craft Station

For creative and crafty people, use the abandoned space to create a craft corner. Integrate a compact desk and clever storage solutions – what about the Amotherby? – to maintain an organised and clutter-free environment. Immerse yourself in inspiration by incorporating a pinboard, perfect for showcasing patterns, fabric swatches, and any burgeoning project ideas. Elevate the functionality with smaller storage alternatives such as stylish caddies and decorative boxes to neatly house your crafting essentials. This thoughtfully designed craft station also adds a touch of artistic flair to your space.


2. Corner Office

With the rise of remote work, turning a living room corner into a compact home office is a practical and stylish idea. Strategically invest in a space-saving desk, an ergonomically designed chair, and organisational accessories such as shelves or cupboards to maintain a seamless and clutter-free workspace. Prioritise good lighting for your corner office, whether harnessing the natural glow from nearby windows or strategically placed lamps. This compact home office not only caters to practicality but also elevates your living space with a touch of contemporary style.


3. Indoor Plants

If you want to keep the corner slightly less practical, perhaps in the concern of overcrowding your space – bring a touch of nature into your living room by turning a corner into a green oasis. Arrange a variety of indoor plants, from tall floor plants to smaller potted ones, to create a refreshing and visually appealing corner. When displaying your indoor plants ensure that they are positioned at varying heights. If your space allows use a small shelving unit- this can then be filled with a beautiful array of greenery. The addition of plants not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment.


4. A Drinks Station

If you enjoy hosting gatherings, elevate your entertaining experience by creating a stylish drinks station within the corner of your living space. As highlighted in our recent Sideboards blog, this use of space not only adds practicality but also infuses a dash of sophistication into your living area. Opt for a compact sideboard or a well-designed corner shelving unit equipped with discreet cupboards to house your assortment of beverages, while open storage provides an elegant showcase for decorative glassware and various bar-related accessories. This thoughtful arrangement effortlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.


5. Corner Shelving

Now what better way to make use of a corner than with corner shelving? A practical storage solution that makes maximum use of a compact corner space. Use the shelving, not only for storage but to create a stylish and functional display. Showcase a mix of decorative items, books, and small plants on these shelves. This not only maximises storage space but also adds an element of interest to an otherwise forgotten corner.


6. A place for your pet

Whether you're a devoted puppy parent or have a worshipped cat companion, why not create a special place in your home for your pet? Consider creating a dedicated pet corner that not only blends seamlessly with your room's decor but also provides the ultimate comfort for your sidekick. Select a pet bed that provides a comfortable space for your pet but also complements the overall aesthetic of the room – choose colours and textures that harmonise with your décor. Enhance your pet's corner with their beloved toys. Incorporate practical storage options whether it's for toys, food, or grooming supplies, having dedicated storage ensures everything is within reach and maintains the neat appearance of the pet corner.


In the often-overlooked corners of our living rooms lie hidden opportunities to breathe new life into our spaces. These neglected nooks, if given a thoughtful touch, can be transformed into functional and stylish corners that enhance the overall ambience of your home. From hobby spaces and practical home offices to a place for your pets or plants, these ideas cater to various interests and needs. Embrace the creativity, experiment with layouts and designs, and watch as these once-neglected corners become focal points, contributing to a more vibrant and personal living space.