Your Bedroom Storage: Making Furniture Adapt

Your Bedroom Storage: Making Furniture Adapt

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Fitting everything into a small bedroom can be particularly tricky, and a lack of space means you need to be smarter when it comes to storage. Just because your bedroom can only fit in the essentials doesn’t mean it can’t showcase your personality. Achieving this just takes a bit of careful planning. We’ve put together some of our favourite tips to guide you through the process or getting the most out of small spaces, making sure your furniture fits around the room and not the other way around…

Making Things Modular

Modular furniture units are a fantastic option when it comes to organizing bedrooms. Now we know it probably won’t come as much of a surprise to hear that from us, but having a multitude of options when it comes to the design and layout of your furniture means you can reap the benefits of an entirely flexible storage system. Plus, with cubby boxes, closed cupboards and open shelving options, choosing what needs to be stored and what can be shown off is a simple choice that can make a world of difference. Simply hide all your clutter whilst displaying your favourite pieces on the remaining open shelves to infuse a bit of personality into a bedroom, no matter the size. 

Small Size, Big Possibilities 

Sometimes, when the space allows for it, one of our favourite solutions is to go big with your shelving. That might seem strange at first, but for example – instead of having multiple different pieces of furniture that you have to arrange in such a way so as not to intrude on your space, you can create a single unit that not only looks the part, but gives you unrivalled functionality and flexibility. You could integrate a large modular shelving unit that gives you a wealth of handy storage with options for decorative display as well as controlling cutter, filling a variety of different furniture roles in one. This not only saves space but provides a modern aesthetic that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice space, even with a bigger unit.

Practical Solutions

Modular shelving also means you can fit a things like a workstation into small spaces with added storage. Shelved furniture is built around a minimalistic open design, and our desk/storage home office units are perfect for integrating a workspace into your home with ease. You can either create a dedicated workspace, or even add our home office modules to other areas, like one of our TV units, making it a perfect option for smaller bedrooms like those in flats and apartments where space is at a premium. Our TV units can even be used to store clothing, meaning you can keep a TV and other devices in your bedroom whilst incorporating a larger multi-purpose unit like we mentioned above. The best part is that these all-in-one formats don’t look out of place and give you near endless options for customisation thanks to their modular design.

Don’t Get Too Bright 

It’s also important to consider lighting when decorating a small bedroom. If you go too bright, you’ll only showcase how small the room is. Instead, opt for subtle, soft lighting that’s either wall-mounted or can fit quietly onto a shelf. Our favourites include the AnglePoise range of lighting. Anglepoise have created a huge variety of lighting options that are flexible, easy to move, and they look fantastic. Their collections give you an outstanding list of choices to match any taste, as well as boasting quality that you can trust. AnglePoise work with leading designers to create lighting that doesn’t just fill a purpose – it’s an undeniable fusion of style and substance that can completely transform your space in an instant. Head on over to the AnglePoise website and discover a better way to light up your bedroom (as well as the rest of your home).

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