What Is A Sideboard – Five Reasons Why Your Home Needs One...

What Is A Sideboard – Five Reasons Why Your Home Needs One...

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Struggling for storage space? A sideboard could be the answer to your problems. But why? What makes a sideboard such a useful addition to your home? How does it differ to other options like shelving and cabinets? And perhaps most importantly, what actually is a sideboard?

With the seemingly endless journey to create a functional, flowing and aesthetically on-trend space, finding the right furniture for you and your home isn’t always an easy task. But we’re here to help. We’ve put together a little guide to answer all of the above questions and more...

What is a sideboard?

Sideboards can seem a little confusing. Partly because you might know them by one of a few different names. Sometimes referred to as a buffet or credenza (both of which are technically slightly different types of furniture), sideboards were once the pieces of furniture that were pushed to the back of showrooms. But in recent years, they’ve seen a huge surge in popularity. More and more people are picking sideboards for their sleek designs and functional, versatile storage capabilities in almost every room of their home. But what are they?

Well, most sideboards are seen as a dining room piece. This is partially why they’re sometimes referred to as a buffet - their conventional use was to store dining items like plates and other tableware. But they’re so much more than that. Sideboards typically boast a shorter stature than other storage solutions such as taller shelving and bookcases. They’re also usually equipped with cabinets that are generally down to the floor (or close to it, unlike actual buffets which tend to have longer legs and higher drawers/cabinets), making them an excellent way to keep the clutter at bay. But they also provide a modern way to display your possessions and décor, as well as providing a functional platform for things like record players and other devices - their short height puts them at a level that makes using and adjusting things easy. So, let’s find out just how useful a sideboard could be for your home...

How a sideboard can benefit your space

We touched on a few things that sideboards offer above, but that’s far from everything. The truth is, sideboards offer countless benefits to homes of all shapes and sizes. Their unique form factor and distinctive design has made them the go-to choice for almost every room in a property, and it’s easy to see why.

The Swiss Army Knife of storage

When it comes to versatility in the furniture world, sideboards come pretty close to taking the crown. Even more so with the added flexibility of a modular sideboard that takes things even further. Sideboards are perfectly at home in almost every room in the house, filling multiple different roles and giving you unrivalled functionality that caters to the needs of your home and space with ease. Whether it’s storing dinnerware in your dining room or kitchen, building a stylish living room storage and display area, or even adding some unique looks and functionality to your bedroom – a sideboard has got you covered. Pair that with the adaptable design of a Shelved modular sideboard, and you have a piece of furniture that can fill any role and evolve as and when you need it to.

Small size, big capabilities

With the way that modern trends and home requirements have evolved, priorities on furniture styling and size have changed significantly. In 2023 and beyond, compact footprints and minimalistic silhouettes are sought-after features for home furniture. Sideboards offer the perfect blend of having an unobtrusive, low-level stature with a stylish appearance that means you don’t have to compromise on space or looks. Shelved modular sideboards take it one step further. With such a compact footprint, a Shelved sideboard lets you make the most of the space you have available, regardless of the size. Plus, because it’s modular, you can adapt it to fit the shape and size of your space with ease by changing or adjusting the modules. And with a minimalistic, rugged steel framework, Shelved sideboards are the perfect addition to your space. The design blends seamlessly with any décor choice.

The perfect display feature

We’ve spoken a little about the low-level design of sideboards. This gives the furniture a very different look and functionality to other forms of storage units. Things like shelving and cabinets are quite often much taller, giving you something that provides lots of usable storage space, but they can sometimes feel like they’re lacking a little in the extended usability department. Especially with very tall pieces, you lose the ability to use the very top of the unit in many cases. But sideboards don’t have this problem. Combined with their distinctive aesthetics and varied styles, you have the perfect platform to display different things in entirely unique ways. Take our Wombleton modular sideboard for example – you have two large double cabinets as well as a central standard double cabinet, but you also have a central open shelf and a wide top surface. The central shelf perfectly frames the things you put there, making it ideal for creating a feature that instantly draws the eyes. The top shelf can also be used for displaying your possessions beautifully, but it also provides an exceptional platform for things like record players or other devices that you need easy access to regularly – there’s plenty of space on top of the unit, and the low-level design means no awkward reaching or bending.

Looks that never go out of style

It’s safe to say that sideboards have a pretty unique look about them. They come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, as well as giving you a near-endless choice of colours and materials for finding the perfect finish. But if you’re really wanting to find that perfect fit for your interior décor, the way we’ve designed the Shelved modular sideboards may just be the style you’re looking for. We created out minimalistic framework to allow our modular furniture system to suit any style. It’s also created in a way that can stand the test of time – the signature look of our modular furniture (including the sideboards) is one that will keep up with and adapt to current and future trends with ease, whilst the rugged steel construction and high quality materials mean you’re getting furniture that will be by your side for years to come.

Elegant and practical

Sideboards have an undeniable degree of elegance to their designs. We don’t just mean in terms of looks and style either. The way they fit your space is entirely unique and creates a vibe that simply can’t be achieved with most other types of furniture. Their functionality is exceptional, too. With so much storage space available in a unit that takes up so much less space than other types of furniture, as well as the other beneficial features that we talked about earlier, sideboards provide you and your home with a wealth of advantages.

Made for you

We’ve given you some ideas as to why a sideboard could be the perfect addition to your home and space, but if you really want to get the most out of your furniture, a modular sideboard is unmatched in what it can provide. Not only do you get all of the benefits of a sideboard itself, but you gain the incredible versatility and attractive, ever-evolving style that a modular unit brings to the table. Shelved modular sideboards let you create a piece of furniture that’s tailored to your exact needs, meaning you can build something that’s almost purpose-built for your home. The best part? You can change it as and when you want, so you always have the option to change up your configuration and adapt it to a new space – almost as if you’ve got an entirely new piece of furniture. Browse our range of pre-designed modular sideboard configurations to inspire your style, or find the perfect fit by creating your own in our clever 3D configurator.