Your Hallway Storage Problems & How To Solve Them

Your Hallway Storage Problems & How To Solve Them

The hallway – a source of seemingly endless frustration. Whether it’s the entryway to your home, or that tricky space connecting the other rooms in your house, it can often leave you with that niggling feeling of “something’s not quite right”. The fact is, there’s a long list of potential problems that can cause hallways to wreak havoc with your home. But where there’s a problem, there’s always a solution.

Hallways shouldn’t be an afterthought

It’s no secret that hallways, no matter where they are in your property, can often be neglected when it comes to creating a functional and stylish space. It’s entirely understandable as to why – they’re spaces that aren’t viewed in the same way as the other dedicated rooms in your home. But, in the grand scheme of things, they’re equally as important. So, let’s get into that list of problems and how to solve them...

Narrow, claustrophobic hallways can be difficult to manage

When it comes to creating a functional, stylish area in your home, a struggle for space is often inevitable. Hallways are notorious for instigating this struggle, particularly in those that boast a more narrow or compact design. The size of a space can seriously limit your options when it comes to storage, and in hallways such as entryways with lots of constant traffic and use, that becomes a sizeable problem pretty quickly. A narrow hallway means you have to adapt your storage options, or even get rid of them entirely and be more creative with your clutter management. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

You can still get plenty of storage space without having to opt for something that protrudes excessively into your space. You don’t even have to sacrifice style for that functionality either. Take our Ellerby modular hallway storage unit for example – it keeps the compact footprint of the Shelved modular furniture system whilst giving you a purpose-built configuration for your hallway. Two double large cupboards and a lengthy bottom shelf give you plenty of space to store all your hallway-related items, all whilst looking sleek and stylish at the same time. Just like the rest of our system, it’s easy to add on to as well, so you can create even more storage space in an instant.

Complex layouts can lead to an overflow of clutter

Overly cluttered, crowded and complex – lack of functional storage space

Much like the last section about narrow spaces, if your hallway has a pretty complex design, that can make things even more difficult. Certain types of furniture and storage options are completely off-limits in these situations, because there’s simply no logical way for them to fit properly. This can lead to all kinds of other issues, such as having to settle for less storage than you need, too much dead space (which we’ll talk about soon), a style that you’re not happy with, and much more. Off-the-shelf options simply aren’t always a great fit for many homes in this case. So what do you do?

This is where it’s time to get creative. There’s no better way to find the perfect storage solution for a complex space than designing your own furniture. If you create something that’s built around your exact needs and spatial requirements, you know you’re going to get something that ticks every box in terms of fitment, style, and functionality. You’re in complete control of the size, the layout, and the aesthetics. That means you don’t have to make do with those pieces that look out of place anymore…

Too much dead space can look and feel like something’s “off”

Ever get that feeling that something was missing from your hallway? You can’t quite put your finger on what it is exactly, but it just doesn’t feel quite right. It’s an all-too-common occurrence in hallways. The seemingly unfillable void of dead space can look off, and it can make finding the right way to store your possessions a logistical nightmare. This is often down to the nature of static, off-the-shelf furniture. You can’t add to it or easily place other elements next to it to fill that space, because it feels like the problem just gets worse.

That’s where modular hallway storage really shines. You’re not tied to the limitations of standard furniture. You have the option to create something that feels like it was really built for your exact space. Whether you’re designing something entirely from scratch like we mentioned in the last section, or starting with a pre-configured design – you can change and adapt your furniture to find the perfect fit. Add or remove modules, change things up, and create something that really fills the space without sacrificing looks or storage capabilities. With a Shelved system, you can create modular hallway storage that adapts beautifully to any interior style and décor with maximum functionality at the same time.

Not enough separation between hallways and other areas of your home

If there’s one thing that makes hallways feel like a nuisance at times, it can be the lack of separation between other areas in your home. Sometimes you might not even have a proper hallway at all, but you feel that your space would really benefit from having one. Aside from getting busy with the building supplies, you might find it tricky to solve either of those problems. But modular furniture gives you a much easier, quicker, and affordable solution that means you don’t have to go making permanent changes to your home (which is especially useful in rented properties).

When it comes to separation, there’s nothing quite like the capabilities of a modular furniture system. The ability to build something that’s tailored to your space gives you the ability to essentially build a highly functional and attractive wall that you have complete control over. With the Shelved system, you can create an entirely bespoke unit that’s the perfect size for your property, and with options for specific modules and additions such as cabinets, cubby boxes, planters, and much more, you can arrange your furniture in a way that gives you a way to separate different spaces or create entirely new ones in an instant. Thanks to the minimalistic framework, this means you can even make sure that your space gets the right amount of lighting by simply adjusting modules and the décor on your furniture.

It’s time to make your hallways more memorable with Shelved

No matter what problems you face in the hallways of your home, a Shelved modular furniture system can help you solve them. Got a problem that we’ve not covered in the article? Why not get in touch with us for a chat and find out how our versatile modular furniture can help you.