Don’t Move, Improve! Maximise Your Space the Easy Way

Don’t Move, Improve! Maximise Your Space the Easy Way

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Sometimes it just feels like there’s never enough space. You can’t find places to fit things, so you turn to the internet for answers and become flooded with advice and articles about extending your home to add new rooms. But what if an extension isn’t right for you? Either you can’t get past the seemingly endless hurdles of actually getting an extension approved, you live in a rented property, or it’s simply far too expensive. What are your options then? Surely you shouldn’t have to move house just to find more of that elusive space, should you?

Why extensions aren’t always a viable option

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Getting an extension built onto your home can be incredibly exciting. There’s the prospect of additional property value, that sought after extra space, and the chance to create something that’s tailored to your exact needs. There’s no doubt that they’re a fantastic way to improve your space. But building a new section onto your home isn’t as straightforward as it sometimes first seems. There can be lots of complications, and there are certainly some quite significant costs involved (especially if you want the job done properly). Plus, it can be a lengthy procedure that can leave your home in upheaval for quite some time. And that’s without the potential delays that are a common occurrence throughout the process…

Moving home isn’t a necessity either

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In fact, it’s probably quite an extreme solution to the space problem. Sure, moving to a bigger property can multiply your available space to no end, but that extra space is going to come at a cost, and much like building an extension it can be a complex and stressful procedure for something that can be solved in a much easier, quicker, and cheaper way.

Modular furniture makes things simple

For an easier, quicker, and less expensive way to make more space in your home, modular furniture is invaluable. We don’t just mean giving you more space to store your possessions either, although it is incredibly effective at doing this. Particularly with our Shelved system, modular furniture can completely transform your home in an instant. It gives you the ability to divide rooms, create multi-purpose spaces, build highly functional new areas, step up your storage, and so much more. And all without having to take sledgehammers to your walls.

Making more space in your living room

Possibly one of the most important rooms of any home, regardless of the property size. But sometimes it can feel cramped, particularly if it’s a room that has to fulfil a variety of different roles. You need a way to combat that claustrophobic feeling in your main living space, and modular furniture can do just that.

If, for example, your living room is used for a variety of different things, you could implement some room division with a modular shelving system. Shelved furniture is built around a minimalistic open design, giving you the ability to divide a room without flooding parts of your room in darkness. Using the shelving as a divider means you can dedicate specific areas to certain functions, such as integrating a work space with plenty of privacy, whilst gaining a large quantity of space for storage and decoration at the same time. All without having to build any permanent structures.

Chances are, you probably have a TV or some form of multimedia space in your living room too. Conventional furniture to accommodate these kinds of equipment can often put a bit of a dent in your floorspace. Large footprints and bulky frames are a common occurrence with TV stands and other similar types of furniture. But a Shelved modular system is a space-friendly solution – even with a larger unit. Not only does the compact footprint and minimal framework of a Shelved TV unit reduce the obtrusiveness of your furniture, but you also gain a huge amount of space for storing peripherals, media collections and more. Plus, the modular nature of the system means you can even add on different modules at any time, so if you wanted to add a desk to the side of your TV unit, you can.

Crafting a spacious home office area

This ties in slightly with what we mentioned in the living room section above. Many properties and lifestyles don’t necessarily allow for a dedicated separate room for a home office. Even those that do can still often struggle for space or organisational capabilities. Many home office areas can be pretty compact, meaning they feel cramped and leave you having to sacrifice things that you’d like to keep close by when working.

Our modular home office configurations do away with the need to make sacrifices. There’s no oversized desks that completely dominate your room and leave you with no space for anything else – the workspaces on our home office units are perfectly sized to accommodate everything you need whilst leaving ample space for the rest of your office furniture. Our desk modules come as part of a complete home office solution too, giving you plenty of storage capabilities in shelves and cabinets, with the ability to expand and evolve your system as your needs change. You can make your modular home office system a larger all-in-one solution for all your home working needs, or even incorporate it into another piece for a highly functional multi-use space – perfect for properties that don’t have a dedicated room for working.

Alternative kitchen and bedroom storage that’s built around you

It’s safe to say that kitchens and bedrooms are pretty important areas of your home. Much like your living room, they’re places that play an important role in your everyday life. When it comes to storage though, they can be a real nightmare. Many people opt to extend their home or move elsewhere to gain an increase in size of their kitchen or main bedrooms. But it simply isn’t necessary.

Using modular furniture is the perfect way to save space in your kitchen or bedrooms. Both of these types of room tend to have a large amount of different things in them. Particularly in the case of kitchens, finding extra storage space for everything can prove tricky due to the pre-fitted nature of kitchen furniture and appliances. That’s where the flexibility of a modular furniture system shines. You can create a storage solution that’s built to fit in your specific space without having to tear down walls or pull out any of your existing cabinets. Simply create your own furniture design and have a purpose-built storage system that perfectly fits your needs.

The same concept applies to your bedrooms. Fitted wardrobes and sloping ceilings can make off-the-shelf furniture a little problematic when it comes to finding things that fit. Our 3D configurator lets you tackle those tricky corners with ease whilst maximising your storage space with a bespoke design that boasts a compact footprint.

Ready to discover a better way to transform your home?

Modular furniture has a seemingly endless list of benefits, particularly when compared to other more costly, stressful, and time consuming options like extensions or moving. With Shelved, you’re also getting a system that is designed to fit almost any interior décor seamlessly. So not only do you improve space with repurposed rooms and increased storage, but your new furniture is sure to look fantastic in your home too. Discover our modular furniture system for yourself.