Revolutionising Bespoke Furniture

Revolutionising Bespoke Furniture

How Shelved Modular Furniture Gives You the Home You Want…

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of your home or a room coming together perfectly. Furniture plays a huge role in getting that feeling. It’s a mixture of getting everything to fit seamlessly, whilst giving you the exact functionality and looks you need and want. That’s what makes bespoke furniture so unique. It has the ability to give you everything you need because it’s made to fit you and your home, all down to your specifications. But it comes at a cost, as well as having a few downsides that aren’t often realised until after it’s been added to your home…

The bad side of bespoke furniture

Bespoke furniture is notoriously expensive. It’s made to order and requires extensive amounts of labour and materials to produce. This also means the furniture can take a long period of time to be made, having to go through multiple different phases before reaching the production and installation phases. Most of the time, you’re also left with limited options when it comes to customisation – certain features, if not implemented from the very beginning, are usually impossible to add further down the line.  You also face the issue of bespoke furniture having to either remain in the area/property that it was built for, or face difficulties when it comes to selling it. The custom nature of bespoke furniture can drastically affect the possibility of it being a good fit elsewhere, which is bad news if you no longer need it or you want to move it to a new space/property.

There’s a better way to go bespoke

Modular furniture can provide many of the unique benefits of bespoke furniture, with significantly less of the bespoke downsides. Here’s why:

More affordable – modular furniture is much more affordable than one-off bespoke pieces. You can create something that fits your specifications (much like a bespoke design) for a fraction of the price.

More flexible – modular furniture can be changed as often as you like. You’re not tied down by something that has been built with a more permanent design. If you want to change the look or functionality of your “bespoke” modular unit, you can. It’s easy.

More accessible – modular furniture gives you a much easier way into the custom side of creating the perfect space. With the lower cost, as well as not having to wait weeks or months for your furniture to be made specifically for you, you can get your hands on a unit that’s unique to you with ease.

How Shelved modular furniture takes things further

If you’re wanting to go down the bespoke route without the bespoke downsides, but also want to get the most out of your modular furniture system, Shelved is exactly what you’re looking for. Our system gives you all of the benefits of modular furniture and takes them to the next level.

It’s easier to assemble

Assembling furniture can often feel like an endless pit of frustration. Hard-to-read instructions, missing parts, and poor-quality control can lead you down a profanity-filled path of despair as you attempt to make the best of a bad situation. But Shelved modular furniture is different. We’ve designed our system to provide intuitive assembly from the get-go. Not only do we ensure that the furniture you receive from us is exactly as you’d expect it to be, but we also provide detailed visual instructions that aid the simple assembly process of our furniture so you know how everything fits together - you can watch the assembly video instructions here to see just how easy it really is.

If you want a little extra help putting your Shelved system together, we can give you that too. We’ve partnered with professional assemblers and furniture experts that can assemble and install your Shelved modular furniture for you.

Sustainably made with high-quality materials

A big part of getting the perfect furniture is finding something that’s made from the right materials. More specifically, high-quality materials. The Shelved system is designed and manufactured in the heart of North Yorkshire in the UK using only the best materials we can source. We use steel for the framework of the Shelved furniture system, providing you with a solid, rigid structure that utilises as little material as possible. This not only gives you an incredibly robust and durable piece of furniture, but the design also provides a “light” aesthetic that features open spaces, giving you the perfect blend of functional storage space without being overbearing on your space.

We prioritise sustainability too. We currently use 55% recycled content steel in the production of our framework, and we’re constantly striving to improve on this every single year. Combined with the fact that our furniture is made to last and having more than 95% of our packaging made from recyclable material, buying a Shelved modular furniture system helps to promote a healthier future for the planet we all call home.

Shelved furniture goes wherever you go

Unlike traditional bespoke furniture, Shelved modular furniture isn’t limited to the space and property you originally bought it for. As we mentioned earlier, conventional bespoke furniture is purpose-built and often made for a specific space, making it incredibly difficult to move, re-use or sell elsewhere. Shelved doesn’t have that problem. It’s a system that can be re-arranged, moved, and repositioned however you please. Want to move it to a different part of your room, or a different room entirely? It’s easy to do that with Shelved. Moving home isn’t a problem either – with the simple assembly and the ability to change your system as you like, it’s never been more straightforward to take your furniture and make it fit an entirely new space.

A system that evolves with you

Life is filled with changes. That’s the nature of everything. Traditional bespoke furniture will generally always remain the way it was the day you received it, but Shelved modular furniture can change with you. No matter what the change in needs may be, you can adapt and customise your Shelved system to fit. Add more storage; add different modules like desks, cabinets or planters; downsize and re-arrange your modules to fit a different part of your home. The possibilities are almost endless. You can be as creative as you like. If you want to see just how many different possibilities there really are, why not try putting together your very own Shelved creation in our proprietary 3D configurator.

Timeless designs that never go out of style

There’s nothing worse than buying something for your home and then discovering that the style of the static furniture you’ve bought has become a thing of the past. Conventional bespoke furniture in particular can be pretty prone to this problem, as it can’t be changed in most cases. Shelved doesn’t have that problem though. We designed our furniture system with a timeless aesthetic that can withstand the test of time. The contemporary, minimal nature of Shelved means it can adapt to a multitude of different interior styles, and it’s never tied into one specific look. Plus, with the ability to change and evolve as you need it, you can transform the styling of your system in a matter of minutes.

Ready to revolutionise your home?

Discover how a Shelved system can give you a bespoke piece without the downsides of going down the traditional bespoke route today. We have a huge variety of pre-designed configurations to suit any space in your home, be it a unique TV unit, highly-functional home office system, distinctive feature shelving, or a contemporary vinyl and media storage space. You can adapt any of our configurations in our 3D configurator, or even create your very own piece from scratch.