Modular Furniture Maximising Space In Compact City Properties

Modular Furniture Maximising Space In Compact City Properties

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Living in the centre of a bustling, lively city is great, right? You’re never far from something exciting almost every day of the week – the world is practically on your doorstep. But sometimes central living can have a few trade-offs. One of those can sometimes be having to compromise on space in your home for one reason or another. For example, property in central London is notoriously expensive, so opting for something a little more intimate can often make more sense financially. But regardless of the reason, a more compact home doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of the space you have available…

Modular furniture systems give you more freedom

When it comes to maximising space in your home, regardless of size, it doesn’t mean that you should simply just get rid of everything. There’s a better way to give yourself the space and organisation you need and want. Modular furniture puts you in complete control of the way your home works, letting you tailor your space to your own specifications.
It’s the freedom to create the space you want without having to sacrifice the things and looks that you really love. Because with modular furniture, you’re not tied into specific layouts and designs. You’re free from convention and spatial commitments. Your space is your own again, the way it always should be.

The Studio

Some of the smallest spaces you can find are studio apartments. Typically, these types of property combine everything into one room, usually only having a bathroom as a separate room. Studio apartments come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re a fantastic choice for simplistic city centre living, but they can be notorious for complex spatial separation and space management without proper organisation. Modular furniture changes all of that.

Creating the perfect blend of convenient functionality and modern aesthetics without sacrificing space in a studio apartment is more straightforward than you might think. A Shelved modular furniture system can help you transform what would typically be a single room into a diverse and attractive well-separated home with ease. Using one of our shelving configurations as a divider is a great way to provide a distinctive split between different areas, such as between your sleeping and living space, or for separating your kitchen from the rest of the apartment. Not only do you benefit from the division, but you also gain a huge amount of storage and display functionality with a system that boasts a versatile contemporary appearance. Plus, the compact footprint of the system doesn’t intrude on your space, freeing up precious floorspace for everything else.

The One-Bedroom Apartment

More spacious than a studio, but still compact, apartment living can still provide a few difficulties when it comes to manging space and clutter. One benefit that a conventional apartment or flat has over a studio is the added separation between different rooms and spaces, but there are still limitations, particularly in the case of those with fewer bedrooms.

One problem that many people may face these days is finding a dedicated space for home working and study in compact properties. Creating a space to work is sometimes the easy part, but creating a space that still gives you the option to “leave work” when you’re done is much more difficult, especially with less rooms to work with.

Much like studios, you can use Shelved modular furniture to provide a division between spaces, giving you that all important separation to keep your work and home lives apart. Shutting off from work at the end of the day is a healthy habit to get into, and having that division helps to maintain a good work/life balance. But when it comes to creating that dedicated space, you could also incorporate it into the modular nature of the Shelved system itself. Our home office modules can give you a highly functional work and study environment that can be built around your exact needs. A high-quality desk, ample storage space, and plenty of ways to spice up your work environment for more comfortable, happier working – a Shelved system is the perfect solution.

The Two-Bedroom Maisonette

Another type of property that’s common in city centre living is a maisonette. They share a lot of similarities to flats, but maisonettes offer a little more privacy with their dedicated entrance/exit, as well as having their living space split over two floors. They’re an excellent in-between of a single-floor flat and a house, but still tend to be more compact overall.

With the potential for more rooms, room dividers aren’t necessarily as big of a priority as they are for more compact flats and studios. They’re still highly effective in maisonettes however, particularly if there’s more than one person in the property or you have multi-use rooms. Feature shelving can be an incredible way to divide a space whilst adding a unique, statement look to a room. Our feature shelving configurations give your home a distinctive look, but you can change the layout of the configurations even further to suit your own tastes. Feature shelving offers the same incredible functionality with that contemporary look that can completely transform your home.

Shelved modular furniture and storage comes in so many different formats, and if your maisonette features a hallway or dining space, you might find a sideboard or hallway storage unit to be an excellent addition to your space. You can create a piece with the look you want without having to worry about it intruding on your floorspace thanks to that compact footprint we mentioned earlier. And with the ability to change and add/remove modules as you please, you have the freedom to create something new as your life and needs evolve.

Discover your modular freedom with Shelved

No matter what type of property you call home, you can make it truly work for you with our modular furniture system. You can choose from any of our existing configurations, whether it’s a highly functional workspace for your home office, a space-saving statement set of feature shelving for your living room, or even some contemporary storage shelving for your kitchen.

Once you’ve chosen, why not make your Shelved furniture entirely unique to you in our 3D configurator? You can customise your chosen design, or even make something entirely new from scratch. The only limit is your creativity.