Comfort Colours: Autumnal Aesthetics at Home

Comfort Colours: Autumnal Aesthetics at Home

The clocks have turned back, and we are welcomed by crisp mornings, with the sun glistening on the autumn leaves. Meanwhile, we find comfort in the embrace of early, dusky evenings, within the warmth of our homes. Autumn is a season of transition, the perfect time to revamp your home décor. By introducing autumnal shades, you can get a feel for the season and transform your living space into a cosy haven this autumn, winter, and beyond. We previously explored ‘Damson’ named colour of the season by John Lewis. In this blog post, we will discuss our favourite autumn colours and suggest ways to introduce them into your home.


1. Deep Greens

Sage, Forest, Bottle Green

While the long, sunlit summer days offer plenty of time to enjoy outdoor spaces, as the days get shorter, getting out can sometimes be difficult. As we discussed in our previous blog post, a great way to overcome this is to bring the outdoors indoors. As nature's greens start to disappear for winter, introduce various shades of green into your interior design. While green may not be the immediate and obvious colour choice in Autumn, it is a versatile colour that can replicate the fresh ambience of the outdoors.

Consider being bold by painting a fresh coat of wall paint – deep green gives a moody yet refreshing feel to a space. Shades like myrtle, forest, and bottle green can be incorporated through upholstery and blankets, or through a statement piece of furniture. What's great about green is that it is a versatile colour all year round, it can breathe life into your living space throughout every season. To enhance your green colour scheme even further, add plenty of decorative autumnal foliage.


2. Rich Reds

Burgundy, Ruby Red, Brick

This autumn-winter period we are seeing the return of red in interior design – it is a timeless trend we wholeheartedly embrace. What we love most about red is its ability to instantly infuse warmth and comfort into any space. This deep, rich hue is both bold and inviting, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance while radiating a luxurious allure.

As we begin to leave the long-reigned neutral era behind, many of us have become more colour-confident, embracing a broader spectrum of colours. Here at Shelved, we believe it is the season to go bold and redecorate at least one room in a rich colour. To make a bold statement, we suggest painting your walls and ceiling in a deep shade of burgundy. To achieve the perfect balance, decorate your space with complementary creams, greens, and neutrals.

Anthracite TV Unit with YesColours ‘Loving Orange’ Wall Colour

Not quite ready to go all out? Incorporate shades of deep red, maroon, or even burgundy through accessories – perhaps choose red as your colour scheme when styling your shelves this autumn (read more here)


3. Orange

Burnt Orange, Terracotta, Apricot

There is no doubt that the vibrant and warm shades of orange are a signature of autumn – representing the landscape's transformation into a vivid tapestry of colours, and the crackling fires that warm our homes. As we transition into the autumn season, it's essential to embrace the rich warmth of orange hues. Think burnt oranges in rugs and cushions just like the scattering of autumnal leaves. This instantly brings the essence of the outdoors inside, allowing you to savour the autumnal ambience from the comfort of your home.

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A playful way to introduce orange into your interior design is through decorative pumpkins. These can serve as charming decorations that reflect the season's festivities. Throws and blankets in shades of terracotta or deep burnt orange bring an inviting and energetic feel to your space – draping one over your sofa adds warmth and comfort to your decor. For those who enjoy making a bolder statement, consider an orange-toned wall, a daring yet highly rewarding design choice that instantly sets the tone for the autumn season.

Embrace the fiery allure of orange and let it set the stage for the warmth and vibrancy of autumn in your living space. “Think about adding accent pieces in lighter shades that complement the typical autumnal and rich colours of orange and green” suggests Co-founder & Creative Director for YesColours, Emma Bestley. “Picture cushions in muted pastels or a light, textured rug to balance the earthiness of the autumn tones. It’s all about creating harmony between the vibrant foliage outside and the comforting atmosphere within.”


4. Warm yellows

Mustard, Ochre, Cream

As discussed in a previous blog post, a key theme in interior design this AW23 season is the ‘modern meets classic’, revival of the 70s retro-inspired bold, curved lines, and dopamine dressing. Introducing yellow in interiors is one of the easiest ways to inject tonnes of feel-good energy. For the autumn and winter season, opt for deeper, more substantial tones of yellow instead of the summery citrus shades. For those who love retro, Mustard yellow should be top of the list. Use it to add vibrant accents or even consider covering your walls with this warm shade for a bold and vibrant look.

For a Scandinavian or contemporary feel consider choosing Tan, Ochre or even warm cream hues. These more subdued shades still radiate warmth and are ideal for the winter months. As colour expert Emma Bestley from YesColours suggests “During the darker and colder months look to bring in a touch of sunshine to boost the whole family’s mood. Consider incorporating warm neutrals like soft creams, pale yellows or soft peaches as these hues can create a serene backdrop while still capturing the essence of the new season.”

You can seamlessly introduce these warm yellow tones into your décor with pillows, blankets, or wall art, creating a dynamic and inviting atmosphere that captures the essence of autumn. This transformation will turn your home into a cosy haven, perfect for savouring this season and beyond.