The Best Modular Storage System

The Best Modular Storage System

As we approach the new year, the desire for a fresh start and a well-organised home becomes more compelling than ever. The key to achieving this lies in effective storage solutions. Many people find themselves grappling with the challenge of compact living spaces coupled with a scarcity of storage options. This isn't just about having too much stuff; it's about finding storage that fits seamlessly into our unique lifestyles. In the hustle and bustle of today's fast-paced world, one-size-fits-all solutions no longer suffice.

Custom-made furniture, such as fitted cupboards or built-in shelves, might seem like an ideal solution, but budget constraints often make these options impractical. This is where modular storage systems come to the rescue, offering a bespoke appearance without the hefty price tag.

There are some innovative designs out there, and although we may be biased, we are certain that the Shelved system is a game-changer for those seeking versatility, style, and organisation in their living spaces. In this blog, we will explore the Shelved modular system, its benefits, and how it can transform your home into a well-organised space.


The Shelved System

Built around a 40x40cm grid system, Shelved offers a flexible, modular approach that transcends the limitations of standard storage. The system comprises various units, shelves, doors, and components that can be combined and customised to fit your space.

The beauty of the Shelved system lies in its commitment to offering users autonomy in design. By utilising standard pieces, you can create a storage solution that mirrors your style and personality. This adaptability proves invaluable in navigating challenging spaces, such as sloping ceilings, tight hallways, or narrow alcoves. Break up the system into smaller units to accommodate constraints and quirks, ensuring a storage solution that is truly tailored to your needs.

The Shelved system opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you envision a statement shelving unit, TV unit, cable-managed cabinets for enhanced storage capacity, or a dedicated piece for your media collection. The system's sleek and compact footprint allows you to explore creative designs without sacrificing space.


Unrivalled Quality

You might be thinking, but what makes Shelved the best modular furniture option? Well, although there are other options out there, including some big-name brands, we would like to take a moment to discuss the high quality of the Shelved system.


At the heart of the Shelved system lies a commitment to superior materials. The metal framework, constructed from a steel 20x20mm profile square tube, embodies durability and stability. TIG welding, employed in crafting end ladders, ensures not just strength but also discreet, seamless welds that contribute to the system's robust structure. The panels, whether in graphite, white, or oak, are crafted from 18mm melamine-faced, furniture-grade particle board. This choice of materials guarantees a sophisticated and lasting finish. The signature connection pins, available in both Black Steel and Solid Brass, feature intricate knurled detailing, and showcase the system's patented 'click together' connection mechanism.

Made in Britain

At Shelved, we are proud members of Made in Britain. Nestled in the tranquil of a small North Yorkshire town bordering the North Yorkshire Moors, our locale might not immediately conjure images of a cutting-edge furniture manufacturing hub. Yet, for over three decades, Kirkbymoorside, 40 minutes north of York, has been the cherished home of our parent company.

We take great pride in being a British company. At Shelved we are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality furniture and committed to upholding exceptional standards of craftsmanship, quality, and design that reflect the expertise and skills of British manufacturing.

Under the banner of Rack, our esteemed parent company, we consistently invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. This ongoing commitment allows us to broaden our capabilities, empowering both Rack and Shelved to complete projects with remarkable efficiency and precision. The result is a seamless fusion of consistently short lead times, ensuring prompt delivery, and the delivery of exceptional quality at competitive prices.

State-of-the-art 3D product configurator

Our clever 3D configurator puts you in control. Created by one of our in-house designers, the state-of-the-art tool empowers you to create your very own furniture designs in a matter of minutes. Using the intuitive nature of our modular furniture system, you can experiment with different configurations, layouts, and finishes, ensuring that your furniture aligns perfectly with your vision.

Everything can be done in a virtual recreation of the size of your planned home space too, so you know you’ll be able to create a piece of furniture that’s the right size. For improved visualisation, the system also has dressing items and the option to view your design in virtual reality.

Adaptability & Reconfigurability

One of our favourite features of the Shelved system is the purposeful longevity in its design. We are living in a world marked by transient lifestyles; renting, living in smaller spaces or moving from city to city - the average time renters stay in a property is 4 years - so with this in mind, it is crucial that furniture can move with you.

Shelved units can be easily disassembled and reassembled without compromising any structural integrity. This means that when it's time to move, your Shelved furniture moves with you, ready to be reassembled in your new space. What sets Shelved apart is not just its ability to move but its versatility in adapting to different spaces and design styles. Each unit is crafted with the flexibility to be effortlessly reconfigured, allowing you to transform a sideboard unit into a TV unit or any other configuration that suits your evolving needs. This adaptability ensures that Shelved remains an integral part of your home, adjusting to your lifestyle changes.


The Shelved modular storage system is a game-changer, the 40x40cm grid system provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to tailor your storage to unique spaces and personal styles. Crafted with superior materials and proudly Made in Britain, the system stands out for its unrivalled quality. The state-of-the-art 3D configurator empowers you to design your furniture effortlessly and visualise it in your space with VR. What truly sets Shelved apart is its adaptability and reconfigurability, ensuring that it remains a valuable part of your home, adapting to your evolving lifestyle and living spaces.