How to Refresh Your Home for The New Year

How to Refresh Your Home for The New Year

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As we near the end of 2023, it’s time to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. The turning of the year is not just a time for resolutions; it's an opportunity for personal growth and positive change. And where better to start this transformation than within the space we call home? In this blog, we present top tips for creating a fresh, new and exciting space where you can feel and be your best.


Declutter and Simplify

The best place to start, of course, is with the timeless practice of decluttering. A clear space serves as the canvas for positive change. Whether you're eagerly boxing up Christmas decorations or feeling a twinge of nostalgia, store away the baubles, tinsel, and greenery for another year. This initial clearing may make your home feel dull, but rest assured, we will get around to solving this.

Decluttering can feel like a big and often daunting task. It is important to see it as a slow process, don’t pressure yourself to complete your full house within the day. Firstly, create a list of areas you would like to declutter and focus on contained spaces such as a drawer or shelf, rather than whole rooms. Identify items that have served their purpose and are now just taking up space. A clutter-free home allows your interior design to shine.

When decluttering, consider the minimalist design ethos. This approach not only provides a sense of relaxation, as everything finds its designated place, but it'll also take less cleaning or maintenance to make your home feel put together.

A method we have discussed before and always recommend is the three-pile technique. Keep, donate (or sell), and discard. When sorting through your things, take your time to decide which of the three piles each item should find itself in. When you complete an area, designate storage for the keep pile. Decluttering isn't just about throwing items away – it's about looking for opportunities to organise everything you want to keep.

Bid farewell to unnecessary items and make room for the essentials. Discard the ‘rubbish’ pile (remember to recycle where possible), and finally donate or sell the remaining pile. We understand letting go of things can sometimes be tough, especially more sentimental belongings. We are not suggesting that you get rid of everything, create a box of 'memories' with your favourite things and donate other items.



Functional Storage Solutions

If you have finished decluttering left thinking there are still a lot of items on the keep pile, yet no designated place to store them, it could be time to consider new storage methods. Storage options are no longer bulky, standard-design pieces of furniture.

Make organisation the priority, promote a sense of order and tranquillity, and invest in functional storage solutions.

It may be that your current furniture has served you well over the years but is starting to look tired, your style has changed, or you're looking for furniture that fits better in your space – the new year is the perfect time for an upgrade. Make an investment that will adapt with you, ensuring that it remains a valuable part of your home, evolving to your lifestyle and living spaces.

As we discussed in our previous blog, modular storage options can be used to help you organise your space (as well as being a statement design element). The beauty of the Shelved system lies in its commitment to offering users autonomy in design. The standard list of parts can be adapted to create perfect TV media units, shelving room dividers, corner and feature shelving, and home offices. This adaptability ensures that your storage reflects your unique style and organisational needs.


A Fresh Coat of Paint

When it comes to decorating, sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to refresh your home and give your space a new feel. Paint can become dull or discoloured over the years, so a new coat can bring your colour back to life. This is a great way to transform your space without having to splash a lot of cash after the holidays.

If you're looking for a more significant change, go for a new colour. Choose light neutrals to brighten your space and give the illusion of a bigger room, or go for a dramatic look and use darker, bold colours like dark green, red or dark blue. Darker, bolder colours add a touch of drama and sophistication to your surroundings. Consider an accent wall in a rich hue to create a focal point or go all-in for a daring and impactful transformation. Whether it be Pantones ‘Peach Fuzz’ colour of the Year, John Lewis’ ‘Damson’ or the more neutral ‘Sweet Embrace’ named by Dulux – choose hues that resonate with your personality and evoke the emotions you wish to feel in the coming year.


Add Greenery

As the twelfth night marks the farewell to festive foliage, including the tree and mantel decorations, consider reintroducing the beauty of greenery with new indoor plants or flowers. Not only do plants enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, but they also contribute to a serene atmosphere, bringing a touch of nature indoors. Beyond their visual appeal, real houseplants offer several additional health benefits. They contribute to improved well-being and psychological wellness. During the colder and duller winter months, the presence of green, colourful plants has been shown to boost mood and create a more uplifting environment.

Introducing plants into your home decor opens up a world of design possibilities. Beyond the plant itself, express your personality through the pots or planters you choose. Mix and match colours, experiment with materials, and explore diverse designs to make your indoor greenery even more eye-catching.


Reimagine Furniture Layouts

Aligned with our commitment to sustainability, we consistently advocate against disposable habits. Often, the key to transforming your living space lies not in purchasing new products, but in the art of rearrangement. Given the daily familiarity with your home, it's easy to become oblivious to the existing design and decor. Provide a new perspective and give your rooms a new lease on life by reimagining the arrangement of your furniture.

Experiment with different layouts to optimise space and enhance the overall flow of each room. This simple change can breathe fresh energy into familiar spaces. Consider relocating your sofa to the opposite side of the room or swapping the wall art between your bedroom and living room. Even a minor rearrangement of a few items can bring about a remarkable transformation, making your room feel entirely different. Transform your living spaces without the need for new purchases.

Upgrade Your Lighting

As we discussed in a previous blog – How to Maximise Natural Light in your Home - lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood of a space. Particularly in the current wintery, dull months, it is essential to maximise as much natural light as you can. This is not only to save on your energy bills but there is also an established connection between exposure to daylight and our emotional and physical well-being.

When the sun sets, the focus shifts to artificial lighting. Take a closer look at your existing fixtures and contemplate enhancements that harmonise with your design preferences. Embrace different lighting sources, such as pendant lights, floor lamps, or statement chandeliers. To achieve a warm and inviting atmosphere use a variety of light sources with different colour temperatures. It's crucial to steer clear of an excess of harsh, white light, which can be disconcerting and counterproductive to relaxation. Instead, opt for warm, soft, and subtly yellowish hues—essential for crafting an inviting atmosphere.


A concluding comment from our Creative Director, Jonathan Clark “Decluttering isn't just about tidying up; it's about creating an inviting and functional environment that supports your overall wellbeing. Utilising shelves for a declutter will not only maximise storage but also enhance a room’s aesthetic. When curated thoughtfully, shelves become more than functional; they evolve into a platform for self-expression, merging effortlessly into your home's design. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to decluttering but investing in a modular shelving unit is a great place to start. Opting for shelving which provides both open and closed storage allows for less visually appealing but necessary items, such as paperwork, to be hidden in drawers and cupboards and more decorative items to be on display.”

“When beginning a declutter consider sorting items into three boxes, Keep, Donate/Sell, and Discard. This method helps categorise your belongings, making it easier to decide what stays and what goes. Don’t forget to utilise storage accessories, at Shelved our modular units can be easily sectioned with panels and cupboards in numerous heights, this helps to further organise and prevent a build-up of clutter.”