Top Interior Design Tips from Our Expert

Top Interior Design Tips from Our Expert

In the world of interior design, the overwhelming amount of inspiration and exposure to constantly changing trends can quickly distort your vision when transforming your home. Whether you're making a few small changes or starting from scratch we are sure that the guidance of our designer, space-saving expert, and creative director, Jonathan Clark will be invaluable. In this blog post, we've put together Johnathan's top tips to help you elevate your interior design game, and create spaces that truly reflect your style and personality.


1. Have a clear vision

Before beginning your transformation, have a clear vision of what you hope to achieve. Start by defining your style - to find inspiration, scroll on Pinterest and flick through a few interior design magazines. This process helps to show you what resonates with you – highlighting both what you like and dislike.

With the range of possibilities, this may seem like a difficult step. It is important to recognise that it is an evolving journey. Consider your lifestyle, preferences, and the vibe you wish to create, and allow these considerations to influence your style. When deciding on your style try not to get distracted by what you think is trending “staying ahead of the trends and incorporating timeless pieces can transform your home into a stylish and functional space.” Finally, envision a colour palette that best reflects your desired atmosphere and complements your chosen style. Establishing this sets the stage for the rest of the transformation.


2. Make use of every space

Jonathan's next tip is to embrace the potential of underutilised spaces. As we discussed in a previous blog; in so many of our homes, we have got at least one corner, landing, or passage that goes unnoticed. Neglected space, that with some consideration, could add both functionality and style to your home.

There is an abundance of ways to transform these spaces, it is important to consider what complements you and your lifestyle, from a hobby space, a practical home office, to a place for your pets or plants, there are endless opportunities. For a better insight, check out our previous blog – here. Embrace the creativity, experiment with layouts and designs, and watch as these once-neglected spaces become focal points, contributing to a more vibrant and personal home.


3. Consider storage early in the design process

Our space-saving expert's next tip is to consider storage early in the design process – this will ensure functionality and allow you to keep on top of maintaining the beauty of your space. With the ever-growing needs of a family, adequate storage becomes essential to prevent clutter from overtaking your home. Instead of waiting until the space feels overwhelmed with belongings, integrate storage solutions from the outset.

A well-designed space goes beyond aesthetics; it must also cater to your practical needs. Johnathan emphasises the importance of prioritising functionality by meticulously planning the layout, incorporating sufficient storage solutions, and selecting furniture that balances both form and function. Shelved provides the solution for this, modular furniture that can be designed to suit your space and storage specifications. Choose from feature shelving, sideboards, to TV units. When functionality integrates with style, you'll enhance both the aesthetic and livability of your home.


4. Invest in Quality Furniture

Investing in quality furniture is super important when creating a home that not only looks good but also stands the test of time. In today's world, disposable is so prominent in many aspects of our lives. It's easy to be drawn in by the low prices and tempting discounts of fast furniture, but these pieces often sacrifice quality for affordability. They're made with subpar materials and craftsmanship, resulting in easily damaged goods that are difficult, if not impossible, to repair. This cycle of consumption contributes massively to environmental waste.

At Shelved, our furniture is different. Each piece is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and premium materials, ensuring both longevity and aesthetic appeal. We believe in buying well and buying once, offering you the best value over the lifetime of the product.

That's why we stand behind our furniture with a 5-year guarantee, subject to fair wear and tear. We're confident that our products will not only meet but exceed your expectations, providing you with lasting satisfaction and enjoyment in your home.


5. Always get samples

Johnathan's final tip may seem like an obvious one, but it's often overlooked in the excitement of designing a space. Where possible always order samples. These small pieces of products—whether it's paint, flooring, or fabric—are essential for visualising how different elements will come together in your home.

In today's world, where much of our shopping is done online, it's crucial to recognise that colours displayed on screens may not accurately represent the true shade. By ordering samples, you can see how the colour looks in the light of your room and how it complements other items in your space. Samples also allow you to assess the quality of the material, which is crucial for ensuring longevity and durability.

At Shelved, we understand the importance of samples in the design process. That's why we offer a convenient sample kit containing a selection of materials used in our furniture. This allows you to see and feel the quality firsthand, ensuring confidence in your design decisions.